People’s keenness and crave for knowledge and news are expanding at a rapid rate every passing day. They are finding it difficult to limit their outlook only to specific things and specific issues. Keeping this enthusiasm and longing in mind today’s 24 hours news channels and daily newspapers are not restricting their news only their genus of news only to precise rather they are trying hard to offer something of everything. In other words they are offering a mixed bag full of assorted news from every quarter. The national, international and regional news channels and newspapers are coming out of their shell and offering a wide range of news. Besides focusing on the regular world news, national news and regional news like Punjab News or Rajasthan news, these channels and newspapers are focusing a lot on Economic news, since the world economy is facing a tremendous threat of another recession. To slightly curve the seriousness of this news, the

se media houses are also augmenting their E-quotient by telecasting news on lifestyle, entertainment, sports like Badminton news, cricket. These media of communications are slowly and gradually becoming the shadow of every individual.

• News channels and newspapers are constantly monitoring the society from every angle and so they are totally aware of the changing needs and demands of people. Every news channels are purchasing separate slots for telecasting soft news programmers like sports entertainment news, lifestyle and sports news which may include Badminton news, football news etc. Newspapers too are publishing separate supplementary pages for this sort of news. Their main aim is to add a little spice in your otherwise monotonous and mechanical life. They offer mental relaxation and refresh your heart and soul.

• The world economy being at the verge of another global downpour is bothering every person, so to keep them updated about the latest standing of global economy these new channels and newspapers are giving special attention to Economic news. Financial analysts, Economists, political leaders are invited in the news studio for debates and discussion or their interviews are getting published in the newspapers.

• However that does not mean that media has shifted their focus from regular updates and current affairs. They are still going extremely strong when it comes to international news, national news and regional news like West Bengal news, Punjab news.

• All these news are available at your doorstep at exceptionally reasonable subscription that you pay to your cable operator and newspaper vendor. So gaining knowledge and staying a well informed citizen is not at all pricey affair.

Media and human beings are inseparable from one another and to further strengthen this bond both electronic and print media are offering every variety of news be it Economic news, Badminton news or regional news like Punjab news or Kerala news. The role of media in our society has grown beyond imagination.

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