Considering the early years of a child, it is of utmost importance for him to make sure that he is provided with ample learning opportunities for building a strong foundation of learning. With boundless curiosity and enthusiasm, they almost learn from anything and everything they see, feel, hear, or taste and from everyone they talk or play with. Hence it is important for parents to be extremely careful while helping them pursue through the various early learning courses organised by reputed childcare in Merrylands.

Why early education is important?

Early childhood education certainly holds a special importance as it helps in developing the social, emotional, critical, and cognitive skills of a child during his early years. During this period, a child basically learns how to interact with people including friends, family, teachers, and others. Moreover, it is the time when he starts growing interest on various subjects that shape their likes, dislikes, and habits in the long run.

As stated by UNESCO, ECCE (that stands for Early Childhood Care and Education) is driven by the core objective of nurturing the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of building a strong base for ensuring their overall well-being throughout their lives. ECCE also helps in nurturing those children with care and affection to grow as responsible citizens of the society as well.

Now, for a deeper understanding on how early learning can help children let us go through some of its significant benefits.

Promotes socialisation

It is highly important for children to build relationships with parents, and other family members for socialising with people. By enrolling your child to a childcare unit, you can help him to overcome his shyness and develop confidence for interacting with others. This is the time when children get a chance to build friendships and learn all about teamwork, trust, helping and sharing with others as well by enrolling in a preschool in Western Sydney.

Holistic development

The teachers of early childhood programs are well-trained for identifying those specific areas where your child might actually need support and develop tailored programs to allow them develop such skills and expertise. By taking part in such kind of activities, children get the scope to learn about being helpful, inclusivity, and cooperation. This in turn, help you nurture your child’s holistic development including physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Fostering love for continual learning

Needless to say, the things taught to a child by his parents or educators during his early years are something that stays throughout his life with him. So, whether you make the learning sessions filled with fun and joy or very strict and tough, the children are going to hold that particular feeling for the rest of their lives. Understanding the same, educators of early learning centres always try to design their programs as engaging or interactive, fun-filled, and colourful so that children can inculcate positivity, enthusiasm, and a constant urge for learning new things.


Early learning programs allow children to learn teamwork skills which, is undoubtedly an essential attribute for job seekers. For establishing teamwork skills, a person needs to have cooperation, respect for others, equality, and listening to others. All these essential qualities can be learned by enrolling your child to a preschool by participating in a list of various teamwork-based activities.

Concluding note!

Enrolling your kid to an acknowledged childcare in Merrylands can be of great help for parents as he gets ample opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, as well as cognitive development. It also further helps in instilling various other moral values including socialisation, teamwork, self-esteem, confidence and much more. Thus, let your child take a step towards a bright and prosperous future by enrolling your kid for early learning programs now.

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The author is a highly qualified educator with a great deal of experience in teaching integrated early learning programs while being associated with a reputed childcare in Merrylands. During her leisure time, she also likes to write informative blogs on why you should enrol your child to a preschool in Western Sydney and other relevant topics.