No wonder that we human beings can go beyond duality of the world. You go through it every second of your life, but when you are asked about it, you will refuse because you don't observe it or your daily routine has kept you surrounded by different activities like your daily work, watching television, being on your phones, etc. All these things which kept us involved making us living in a world which is not real. For example, a match that we watch on T.V has another quality of audio and video as compared to the live match that goes to a stadium. But we are seeing what is shown because we are in an alternative reality. The T.V screen is a projection of our past and it is never possible to experience the same situation.

We are not very far from the time where everything will run on technology because we humans have stared living in virtual reality. Humans have gone way too far to make sure that everything is experienced as a reality and the best example of it we have in this present era is HD television. None of us knew what it was, and keeping in mind the above-given example it was really very easy to differentiate between something happening in real and something which we are watching on televisions but now this HD system has come way closer and is giving you a real experience.

It depends on the duality that life is made. At the outset, everything was primordial, no duality. When creation occurred, there was duality. To experience and constrain you, this duality is the reason there are sense organs. You experience everything through your senses.

There is a lot of confusion between what is right and what is wrong. People have started accepting everything without knowing what it is. We should only trust our experience of reality and experience our own beyond duality by not believing others.

By reading this, take out a few seconds from your life and ask yourself that what can you take from all that mentioned above about beyond duality? Think! This can be very helpful in making your lives easier with no complications.

1. Wouldn't it be much easier when you will make yourself realize that you are living in complete illusions which are only giving pain? It would be much easy to survive if you understand this as soon as possible.
2. Stop fearing about your future and overthinking about your past, trust me your life will become much easier and you will start enjoying the actual reality, the present in which you are living.
3. Every problem, every relation and every conversation doesn't want you to overthink. Hence, it can only result in making things complicated and will give you pain for sure.
Definitely, after reading all this, you will start comparing it.

Make this clear that we do the easiest things which are possible for us and that is to blame ourselves and everyone around us when a thing goes wrong. But this is what we fail to understand, we fail to understand the reality because we have surrounded ourselves with so much alternative reality. The only difference is a change in life is how we start perceiving things and then we can observe a change.
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