“An APPLE a day keeps the doctor away”
In the wake of the largest economic collapse and media controlled propaganda, most people are looking to someone or something to provide some much needed answers on what to do to survive in this era of unrest and uncertainty. We have been beaten into submission by the cartel based money manipulators and the media frenzy and sensationalism is causing us to lose all touch with reality. We are headed for a recipe for disaster if we continue to rely on our governments or big elite power centers to solve our problems. Why is an Apple a day important?
An acronym can act as a catalyst for change especially if it’s pertinent to the times. If we look at the A, we can argue above all that we need massive and immediate Action to pull this country out of its lackadaisical mode and isolationism. Most are glued to the TV wondering and hoping what Obama will come up with next to bring our country back to prosperity. This is a false hope and entitlement mentality, not an action plan or hope for the future. Action can come in many forms. We must begin our journey back to Free Enterprise networking and the internet, social media and online home businesses and networking has laid the groundwork for action to begin in the free marketplace. There are many factions, organizations and freedom movements already created that live by a creed of freedom and are willing to step out and lead the charge, one in particular is www.freedomforceinternational.org which is compromised of leaders in all areas of the freedom movement. If we can somehow tap into and build large networks and like-minded skills sets we can begin to make some noise with media presence and a plan force in numbers.
The two P’s are very closely related in the middle of the Apple. The first is to lead with Passion always. Passion is that inner drive and spirit by which all elements of a predetermined action are created and carried out. We are all passionate about something, but in times of desperation, self sacrifice, and money complications it can get buried within our subconscious when we are in survival mode. Passion is a burning desire within all of us to engage in a plan or mission that has real cause and effect. Some are animal activists protecting against neglect, some show passion about 3rd world countries and the hungry kids abroad. But with all passion must come action and a willingness to step outside yourself and give to a bigger cause otherwise the intents become self centered and that will typically destroy the second P.
The second P is for Principle. Principle is the fabric on which the Passion is built upon. It’s the WHY of our action plan? Why are we doing or acting out in certain ways? In Free Enterprise networking for instance, the WHY is to create self sufficient entrepreneurs through coaching and mentoring to get them out of the corporate enslavement and into a network of free thinkers? There is a real power in leveraging time and money with the internet revolution as opposed to the job mentality of owning your time, money and resources. Your WHY may be spending more time with family, getting out of debt once and for all, proving to yourself you can do an in home business that pays you much more than your job or simply the personal empowerment that creates the passion to run your own business.
There is a real synergistic means to an end when you Lead with passion and principle with an action plan for change. L simply is leading with your heart and not always your head. When all of these elements are aligned you will be able to recognize new opportunities, new people and new alliances that will appear in your life. In the “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles, he lays out very succinctly about the opportunities that come your way when you lead with an idea of thought that is so powerful that it permeates into the universe and becomes a life force and all things in one form or another become the very thing that is produced by the thought. This is truly leading with passion and principle and without any regard to the outcome, only the journey.
When you lay a foundation like this you cannot help but to have Extraordinary results from your action plan. An APPLE is now a fully functional plan and model to be carried out into the world.
Right now, unlike any time in history is the most important time to unleash your abilities that already lie within all of us. We cannot rely on the government, the banking industry or Wall Street and we certainly cannot rely on the pharmaceutical industry to solve our health and emotional issues. There is a whole world out there of people, entrepreneurs and free enterprise thinkers who are willing to help you unleash your inner spirit. There are many organizations, money manipulators and cartel based centers disguising as “fix it doctors”. An APPLE a day may just be what you need to keep all these fixers away. Real change in your mindset and ultimate action plan will come when you find a mentor and coach who has like-minded aspirations. Believe me, they are out there……

Author's Bio: 

Scott Lifer- master Internet Marketer.
Author, Professional Speaker on how to survive in this internet boom time and paradigm shift.
creator of www.wakeupsense.com
a financial coach and mentor to teach people how to fire their boss and broker forever.