Being a baby boomer I did a little experimenting with drugs after college. I was never impressed and after a couple of futile and boring attempts, I might add, I gave it up entirely. I sometimes think about a friend who used to take drugs and still vividly recall what she said to me one day.

"Michael, I really wanted to experience something fantastic and far out. "I wanted something of magnificent cosmic proportions to take place and blow me away. I wanted to see the leaves breathing or the aura that surrounds people. Things like that. None of that happened to me so I just quit taking anything."

Shortly after moving to Bloomington, IN I had atypical urge to stop in this bar for a drink. I met a man there. We engaged in some small talk and then he rummaged through this bag that was kind of strange looking. It looked to be something between a small backpack and a purse. I wondered if he might be European and that it was natural for men to carry purse like bags. I think they do that in some European countries. What was more interesting was not the unusual purse/bag but what fell out of it. He had picked up a pile of papers and a brochure dropped to the counter that immediately caught my eye and grabbed my attention. It had a pentagram symbol in the center and an exotic looking eye on it. Printed in thick heavy calligraphy script were the words: Interested in ESP, the paranormal, astral travel, psychic phenomena, reincarnation, meditation, angels, UFO'S, Spirits, the occult, seances, psychic self-defense, karma and more, contact Terry Blue feather. He looked at me as though to ascertain whether to engage in any conversation. I smiled and said, "so you are into stuff like that."

There are many ways one can learn to shift their consciousness to put themselves in an altered state of mind, like a type of hypnosis, to enable them to view past lives. One need not take any drugs. One can stare into someone's eyes. One can even stare into a mirror and possibly achieve the same results. At least that is what happened to me when my teacher Mary would have me stare into a mirror. The images would begin to appear like film rolling on the camera movie screen. Sometimes I would see them in my mind.

But before such times with Terry and Mary there were some other experiences in college which increased my interest and fascination with hypnosis which led to my deeper interest in metaphysics. One experience took place, of all people, with my music teacher and surrogate mother, Janette, who was conducting a hypnosis session for a group of students in a Music Therapy class my sophomore year of college. Sometimes I think that people like her are closet 'mystics' or explorers of the paranormal. Janette had done some research and read that hypnosis was one technique that music therapists had had some success in with their patients. So she memorized the induction technique and about midway through the course informed us that we were her first guinea pigs. I was delighted and found the idea fascinating.

She told us to find a place on the carpet and get comfortable. She recommended that we take our shoes off. She than began the induction where in a very soft and calm voice she led us down a stairwell to the ocean. As she did her countdown she went from our head to our toes telling us how relaxed and peaceful we felt. There was not a care in the world and all was light, serene, calm and peaceful. She would repeat the words softly. She told us that we would go to a very special wonderful and peaceful place. Then she played dreamy ethereal music from Debussy's "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun" and left us alone in the silence for about twenty minutes. What happened in that twenty minutes was phenomenal. I truly felt like I had exited my body and was floating on a cloud. It was the most wonderful feeling I think I had ever experienced. I wanted to stay there forever and never come back. It's like I could see colors and all kinds of geometric shapes dancing and floating about. The colors looked brighter with hues that we don't have on the earth. At one point I saw a beautiful rainbow. I somehow had the sensation that I was moving towards the rainbow when Janette gently began speaking. I did not want to come back but I could feel something happening. With each word that she spoke I was being drawn back. Moments later I was back and aware of myself lying on the floor. I felt very light-headed. It took several moments before I was fully aware of my surroundings. Janette had us wiggle our toes, move our ankles, bend our knees, etc. When she had us open our eyes everything around me looked hazy and misty. It was like I did not belong in that room. It was like I was in a euphoric bubble of some sort. In that moment in time nothing negative existed. All was peaceful. It was as though I had imbibed a love potion and was full of love for everybody. I just wanted to go to everyone and tell them how beautiful they were and give them a great big hug and tell them that I loved them.

It took a lot of self-restraint not to do just that. I remember thinking "Is it possible that my soul left my body?" then I felt awkward because that was not something I was familiar with. Janette let the music play a few moments longer then told us when we were ready we could get up, put our shoes back on and return to our seats. She commented that we might feel a little disoriented for a few minutes but it would pass. Actually, what I was feeling I did not want to pass. It was this world and my surroundings that felt foreign. I did not want to be here. Janette opened the floor for comments. Most people just said it was a very relaxing experience. A couple of students had fallen to sleep. I just said that I came back with a peaceful feeling of well-being. She said that was a very common response and if for no other reason, music and hypnosis can serve a healing and beneficial purpose.

I had to agree with that. Yet somehow I sensed that much more was going on. I thought back to Pansy Parker telling me years ago that I would one day meet some 'sky people' as she referred to them. She'd point at the sky and tell me how star gazing is so important to me because I am a star child and my origins are from far far up there as she put it. I didn't meet any 'sky people' in that hypnosis demonstration but all the bright and beautiful colors, and geometric shapes and images that I saw intrigued me tremendously and stirred up strange yearnings and nostalgia in me. What had especially intrigued and interested me was that I was not under the influence of any mind-altering substances whatsoever like I had been with Terry Blue Feather the 'reality engineer' some years later. Looking back I have come to believe that I had a genuine astral journey of ecstatic proportions and that journey would feed my hunger and fuel my passion and interest in 'the sky people' and spur my desire to learn of my starry origins way up there. Who is to say that we cannot project part of our soul up there and have different experiences? A tool such as hypnosis is but one means to help bring that about. I also believe that some people are more naturally receptive to being hypnotized and I have been told many times that I am one such person. That would be confirmed in future sessions with different facilitators.

That astral journey stuck with me for a very long time. I can actually still recall it like it just happened yesterday. I will never forget the feelings of peace and ecstasy that I would be overcome with at times; sometimes when I was not even thinking about or reliving the experience. I have heard lots of stories over the years of mystical revelations, epiphanies and visions that people have received while taking mushrooms, LSD or other mind-altering drugs. That hypnosis session so very long ago reinforced my inner feeling that this world is not my home, that I'm just a passing through as the old gospel song says. It would cause me to star gaze even more and would lead to many more supernatural, paranormal and other worldly experiences.

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