An immovable will is something that we must possess in order to achieve the things of our greatest desires and fantasies. To have an immovable will does not mean that you are simply a stubborn person, it mean that you have a determination that is so deeply rooted to your core that it has become your internal motivation. It is the engine that drives you towards your desires. The ability to resist dissuasion from the positive beliefs we hold within ourselves that are in direct alignment with the things we have asked of the universe is something to which we must aspire. It is these positive beliefs that enable us to find our way along the path to our destiny.

Many of us, however, must work internally to develop a belief system that places us in alignment with what it is that we desire. There is a common belief that is held by all who seek to build the lives they desire instead of simply making the best out of what is given to them. That belief is their belief in themselves. Their belief that they have the ability to achieve the things they dream about.

To possess an immovable will is to have an undying self motivation. It is the thing that will allow you to arise out of any circumstance and be better than you were before. Each time this happens our belief in ourselves grows stronger and the development of faith begins to take place. Without faith and unwavering confidence that the things you have asked for will be delivered, their manifestation will forever elude you. Our task is to develop a mindset of determination and self discipline, sealed with an immovable will. With this anything you desire will flow to you swiftly and easily.

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Lyndsey Shaffer is the author of the Inspiring Intent: A Dreamer’s Guide to Entrepreneurship and Success (release date 12/8/09). Inspiring Intent is a progressive, practical guide to personal and professional development for entrepreneurs and dreamers of an improved life experience. Contact Lyndsey Shaffer by email at or visit