Many people find the concept of spiritual guides, angels, Reiki guides, and enlightened beings to be beyond belief. This is often simply because they may not yet understand how to work with these beings of Divine love. Over my years of working with Reiki and following my soul’s longing to learn about the angelic realms and inner planes, I have developed a deep inner knowing that we have spiritual helpers, guides and assistance all around us, and within us.

One of the first things that I learned is that we cannot receive non-emergency, angelic, or spiritual assistance unless we ask. It is my intention in this article to share information that can help us all develop a better understanding of how we can work with our angels, guides, intuition and inner wisdom. So when I began to formulate thoughts for the article the first thing I did was ASK the guides and angels what to write here. The answer came quickly and very gently as a fleeting thought, “Interview us, we have much to share.”

After pondering and praying about the idea and listening with my heart, that suggestion felt very right. What follows is a question and answer session with those guides, angels and spiritual beings that have come forward to help us learn and grow in the light of Divine love.

So let’s begin with our interview;

Q. What is a spiritual guide?

“To understand an answer to this query, let us first explore the essence of the question. In what we are about to share with you, let it be known that as we speak of spiritual we refer to that which is sacred or reverent and that which honors the Divine within and without all life.

To understand the concept of a guide we first recognize the action of guiding to be that of suggestion or direction. True spiritual guidance communicates with your soul and suggests possibilities for directing the energy in your life. In this way the individual birthright to exercise free will and discernment is never violated.

With these things understood we come to know that a spiritual guide is simply energy that one invokes by asking for assistance. This energy then chooses a pathway of communication to offer suggestions regarding how you might proceed to make choices that support your growth and ability to experience the quality of life your heart and soul desires.”

Q. Are Reiki guides different than angels, or other spiritual guides?

“Let us first remember that all things are energy in one form or another. Energy is simply light that vibrates at varying frequencies. The more rapid the vibration, the more light it contains. Guides too are vibration. Let us share a visualization of the energy that represents the wisdom of the Divine Heart and Mind as a massive column of light. Within this column of light there are many subtly different rays of light or vibrational frequencies. There are guiding energies that work with all of these different frequencies. All guidance comes forth from this source. Just as humans find resonance with certain other humans, yet may feel less harmony with others, so it is with the energies referred to as guides. Reiki is an example of a specific frequency within which certain guides, angels and enlightened beings resonate.”

Q. How can I be certain that the guides that are working with me are good and are of the light, rather than a negative influence?

“This is one area where discernment is very important. The first step is to use your spiritual tools such as Reiki to raise your vibration and strengthen your light. When the light of love that you emanate is strong, clear and bright, you welcome similar spiritual energies into your life. Also when the light is strong, it illumines the shadows and raises them into awareness so that you can heal and grow. Even the most magnificent being of light has the ability to lift up these shadows. The greatest test of discernment is the level of peace in your heart when advice or direction is offered to you.

When you receive guidance it is wise to take the information into the stillness. Examine it from all angles, and at each vantage point, or perception, pause. Focus on the energy you hold in each of your chakras. What do you feel? Do you feel fear, agitation, anxiety, or peace, serenity, joy and jubilance? Once you have identified each of the feelings, use the same process to discern the basis for each feeling. Do your very best to still your mind, and allow your body and soul to speak to you. When you feel total peace in your heart, you will know you have embraced the choice, or the advice that holds the most light.

Rarely is there only one answer to any question. There are usually many options, which can produce beneficial results in varying degrees.
The actual identity of the guide, or even its vibration is irrelevant. What is important is what you do with the advice you receive, how you measure its relevance in your life, and the actions you take once you have been helped to connect with your own Divine wisdom.”

Q. What do guides look like?

“To answer this question we shall establish a mutual understanding of “look”. Let us agree that in this question we are seeking an awareness of how guides can be identified. This would not limit one to the single sense of sight, but would expand to the ability to perceive with all senses.

It is true that guides, or guidance, can at times be seen with the physical eye, but they may also be seen through clairvoyant vision. The latter is accomplished as the viewer raises their vibration to a sufficient level through which they are able to “see” ethereal energy. This energy is vibrating at a frequency that is higher than that of physical things. An example could be the experiences of those who have seen the apparitions of Mother Mary in places such as Medjugore. Some are able to see the apparitions and some are not. Those who have seen accomplished this by a shift in their vibration that allows them to see energy of similar frequency.
Guides can “look” like humans, animals, angels, swirling masses of energy, spheres of light, glittering sparks of light, etc.

Guides can also be perceived as a physical sensation upon one’s skin, or a tingle, pulse, or discomfort in a part of the body. Guides can come in the form of thoughts that seem to come from nowhere, and everywhere at the same time. Guides can come as words that flow from your mouth, or your pen, when you have no prior thought or awareness that the words are forming. Guides can come to you as a prayer, a mantra, a song, or an affirmation that begins to float through your mind again and again. Guides can take the form of a tone, angelic chorus, or rhythm. Guides can come to you as a color or a message that you suddenly see everywhere. Some guides take the form of a scent or aroma, or the sensation of warmth or cold.

There are some people who clearly hear spoken or telepathic messages from their guides. This demonstrates that just as Divine Love is limitless, so too are the ways in which guiding energies present themselves. “

Q. How do I know guides are really there?

“A simple answer to this is to expand your awareness. Perceive with your ears, eyes, mind, heart, body and soul. Become still and listen to the rustle of the leaves, and songs on the radio. Listen to messages delivered in between the winds, and from the lips of children, friends, and those that bubble up from the depths of your soul.

Remember these powerful words . . . “Be still and know that I AM God”. Knowing that the methods through which guides communicate are unlimited, so too shall your awareness be without limit. When expectations of who your guides are, what they must look like, or how they should appear dissolve, the pathways of communication become clear.”

Q. How can guides help me in my Reiki practice?

“The first step is to come forth with a pure heart and desire to be of service to yourself and others. A simple prayer of thanks that your personality and ego move aside, so that you are able to receive guidance, without analytical interference is a key. When these things are done, you have opened the door for your Reiki guides to step forth. You have also invoked the guidance of the spiritual Master that resides in your own heart and soul. It is with this Master that all wisdom from the heart and mind of God communicates. The guides, angels and enlightened ones are simply conduits for the wisdom of Divine intelligence and love to flow through and speak to you.

The guides can help you find ways to work with Reiki to help you learn, grow and heal. They can help you know where to direct Reiki to help yourself or your clients. They can help you know when to suggest other healing modalities to complement Reiki. Guides can help you speak to the soul of another living being and discern the most effective way to be of service. Conversely they can help you recognize detrimental behaviors, actions and thoughts while providing suggestions for replacing them with healthier patterns.”

Q. How can I communicate more clearly with my guides?

“The most important elements that affect the ability to communicate with your spiritual guidance are those of trust and discernment and a willingness to truly listen. When one invites assistance from the angelic realms and inner plans, and asks for guidance, it is Universal law that the guiding energies come forth. Once you recognize this to be true, you then know that when you ask you do receive.

The only element that remains is to discern the form in which the guidance has appeared. Your spiritual guides patiently wait for you to recognize their presence. When you begin to realize that the guidance you have asked for is present, then the only thing left to do is to become still and listen with your heart. This allows you to exercise your free will when making choices.”

Q. How do I know when I should follow the guidance I am receiving?

“Once again, the answer here is in the silence of stillness. When you become silent and you think about or meditate on the guidance you are receiving, listen to the silence within. Do you feel comfortable, or uneasy? Do you feel peaceful and totally still from the depths of your soul? Do you feel your own Divine power? When you feel peace, you have found your answer.

At the conclusion of this interview I thank the guides and angels that offered these helpful thoughts for each of us to ponder and find our own answers.”

Sunflowers and Butterflies

In closing I would like to share one of my favorite examples of the many forms in which guides can appear. Several years ago William Rand and I visited Mt. Kurama and Usui Sensei’s grave. We brought sunflowers to the gravesite, and placed them in the vases among the many flowers left by others. The moment the sunflowers were in place a beautiful white butterfly landed on them. We bathed the stones at the gravesite, burned incense, prayed and meditated for over four hours. During the entire time the butterfly stayed with us. In meditation we asked Usui Sensei to guide us and help us find ways to use Reiki to assist humanity in awakening to peace. The moment we stepped out of the gravesite and on to the sidewalk, the butterfly followed us and disappeared.

To this day, nearly every time I teach or practice Reiki out in nature, a white butterfly appears. But the most amazing time was one winter day, in the mountains of Colorado. I was teaching a class in my home. I had just told the longer version of this story, when a student said “You are not going to believe this. Look out the window behind you.” I turned to see a white butterfly fluttering back and forth outside the window. Miraculously, this happened when the temperature was below 40 degrees and there was four inches of newly fallen snow blanketing the earth. I give thanks to the loving guidance from Usui Sensei, which is available for all of us when we invite Reiki into our life.To this day, whenever I see a sunflower, or a butterfly, I smile and give thanks for my many blessings.

copyright 2002 Laurelle Shanti Gaia

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Laurelle Shanti Gaia is an internationally recognized, spiritual healer, teacher, speaker and published author. Laurelle owns and operates Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in Sedona, AZ. She also serves the International Center for Reiki Training as the Director of Reiki Master Teacher Licensing.