Anal fissure is a cut or small tear near the anus (The opening through which stool passes out of the body). It occurs in both men and women and even infants of all ages. It usually causes pain and even bleeding during bowel movements . In most cases it heals within one to two months that is called as accute fissure, but if it doesn’t heal within 2 months then it is called as chronic fissure. Both accute and chronic fissures are treated using medicines, in rare case chronic fissure requires surgery.

Causes of Anal Fissure

  • Passing Hard Stools or chronic constipation
  • Strain during child birth
  • Frequent bowel movements during Diarrhoea
  • A cut may occur during insertion of a rectal thermometer, USG probe, endoscope, enema tube.
  • Anal sex.
  • Other rare causes may include tuberculosis, HIV, viral infections.

    Symptoms of Fissure

  • Pain while bowel movement
  • Cut or tear near anus
  • Itching in the anal region
  • Bleeding while passing stools
  • Lump around the anus
  • The diagnosis of anal fissure is done by physically examining the anal area. In rare cases endoscopy or cloncoscopy is required to diagonise the problem.

    Treatment for Anal Fissure :Treatment for anal fissure inludes medication and simple home remedies like sitz bath (siting in warm water after bowel movements), using nitroglycerin or nifedipine ointment, drinking plenty of fluids and including high fiber diet may soften stools. Botox injections may be used in some cases. In rare cases surgery is reuired.

    At Healing Hands Clinic, Dr. Ashwin Porwal has devised a regimen called MCDPA as follows:

  • Medicines - Herbal medicines to reduce inflammation in the area
  • Constac -Taken before bedtime to add bulk and soften the stools.
  • Diet - A fibre rich diet to prevent constipation. An increase in the water and fluid intake also helps.
  • Physiotherapy - Pelvic floor physiotherapy helps to reduce spasm of the anal sphincter.
  • Ayurveda therapy - Medicated herbal oils are used.
  • Dr. Ashwin Porwal the renowned “Proctologist” follows his own MCDPA regimen in which firslty focus is to treat fissure using medicines, physiotherapy, ayurvedic therapy or diet. If problem is not solved then surgery is used to treat the fissure.

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    Proctologist at Healing Hands Clinic