Carbon fiber materials, being extremely stiff, strong, and light, are increasingly used in many processes to create excellent composite building materials. To ensure the quality and integrity of such materials, Alfa Chemistry’s testing branch - T,C&A Lab, has recently announced to provide carbon fiber testing service for customers worldwide. Experts from Alfa Chemistry will offer insights on a series of tests carried out to characterize carbon fiber performance.

Carbon fibers are very popular in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, military, and recreational applications. Serving as structural components in machines, vehicles, airplanes, or building components, carbon fibers must be tested to ensure safety. T,C&A Lab can test various types of carbon fibers and provide test results to help manufacturers and developers make decisions on the selection and design of composite materials as well as manufacturing processes.

“The testing scope ranges from carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber board, carbon fiber tube, and carbon fiber composite material to carbon fiber frame, carbon fiber racket, andcarbon fiber helmet,” says the Marketing Chief of T,C&A Lab. “The methods used in testing include: thermal analysis method, hot rod method, smoke density method, dynamic dielectric analysis, infrared spectroscopy, dipping gel permeation chromatography, etc.”

In a carbon fiber testing project, the following aspects should be covered so as to generate a comprehensive and detailed test report:

Precursor surface element
Roughness degree
Precursor copolymerization composition
Monofilament tensile strength
Coefficient of variation
Elongation at break
Carbon content
Molecular weight and distribution
Tensile modulus of elasticity
Fiber diameter
Thermal weightlessness
Ash content
Discrete coefficient
Electrical conductivity
Softening point
Flame retardant property
Dielectric constant

The whole testing process is conducted under the guidance of regulatory agencies, such as American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which stipulates standards like ASTM D3531 / D3531M - 16, ASTM D3532 / D3532M - 19, ASTM D4102 - 82(2015), ASTM C1836-16, ASTM D3552-17, ASTM B987/B987M-20, ASTM F3333-20, ASTM D4102-82(2015), and ASTM C1783-15, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which stipulates standards like ISO 18352, ISO 527-4, ISO 527-5, ISO 14126, ISO 14125, ISO 14129, ISO 15024, and ISO 13003.

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Testing, characterization, analysis and data interpretation for materials can give supporting evidence for product developers or consumers. T,C&A Lab is uniquely positioned to give insightful suggestions on various material testing projects and actually materialize these testing assumptions. Currently, the lab is centered on the analytical testing of materials like rubber, plastic, textile, metal, ceramic, glass, coating, wood, building material, automotive component, electronic, paper and cardboard, cosmetic, packaging, medical device, pharmaceutical, nanomaterial, nonwoven material, resin, leather, ink, adhesives and surfactant.