Oftentimes a great looking promotion comes along only because it satisfies a temporary need. Maybe they had to fire someone, for example, or the company is in the middle of reorganization. Once the position is filled and your company feels stable again they may start a more in-depth search for the candidate they want to fill that position over the long haul. The person who leaped into it prematurely may be downsized or even used as a scapegoat to rationalize the poor performance of the board of directors. Once that person is ousted from what really amounted to not much more than a high-level temp job, the HR department focuses on recruiting someone else.

Another thing to consider is that you should always evaluate any professional promotion based on where you want to go with your life.
Is it the position you are really passionate about?
Does it conflict with your work/life balance strategies?
Would you rather ask for a chance to expand your earnings and responsibilities in your existing role, rather than being forced to switch into a completely different one?

Also be aware of the rather innovative concept of “zigzagging your way to the top.” Many progressively organized and forward-thinking organizations award the best promotions to people who have a panoramic understanding of the entire organization. So taking lateral or diagonal positions in diverse departments, for instance, can help you build promotional potential for the best paying top-tier jobs.

You want to represent more sustainable value with a depth and breadth of experience. So always choose quality roles when offered a promotion.

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