Men and women can be so completely opposite sometimes in how they think, act and communicate. They might as well be from different planets! We’ve all heard the old saying, Women are from Venus. Men are from Mars. Well there is a lot more to that aphorism that dates back several centuries – not suggesting that we come from other planets, rather our universal gender traits stem from ancient archetypes from Greek mythology; the goddess Venus and the god Mars.

Actually his name was Ares, god of War in Greek Mythology. His Roman name was Mars, in which the planet was named after since the fourth planet shines with a red color, resembling blood. Ares, god of war, represented brutal force, as he enjoyed the battles and the bloodshed and he didn’t really care about fighting for a good cause – and he wasn’t always the winner. He is characterized as the god who took a savage delight in slaughter, and the hordes of slain upon the battlefield filled him with a fierce joy. Even being rough and aggressive, he was quite handsome and had many love affairs with goddesses or with mortals.

Ares most famous love was Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, (also known as Venus). The planet Venus was named after this magnificent goddess, as it is considered the brightest and most beautiful star in the heavens. This iconic couple had several sons: Deimos (terror) and Phobos (fear), who accompanied their father in battle, as well as, Armonia (harmony) and Eros (love) – also known as the plump baby Cupid armed with his bow and arrows of love and passion. Isn’t it interesting how many current English words stemmed from these names and stories? The union of Mars and Venus represents absolute balance – yin and yang. And that is why, according to the old adage, opposites attract.

In Carlo Saraceni’s painting, Mars and Venus (1605), Mars lays down his sword & shield to frolic with his goddess lover. Most artists from the Renaissance era (14th–17th centuries) depicted desirable females to be quite curvy. Men preferred women who were a little plump – a sign of good health, beauty and wealth. Skinny women were considered weak, unattractive and impoverished.

Since the dawn of humanity, women naturally embody certain character traits of having unconditional love, compassion, kindness, empathy and the tendency to nurture and caring for others as portrayed with the Venus archetype. And like Mars (Ares), men generally tend to be more aggressive, confrontational, tenacious, insensitive and ego-driven. With women being more heart-centered and emotional, while men are visual and mental, how can we find balance in our relationships?

Men and women usually have different ways of communicating, problem-solving, parenting and socially interacting – even with love-making. Even though there is an instinctive attraction between men and women, we may have different ideas in how we enjoy intimacy. Some like it soft, gentle and slow. Others may like it hard, fast and rough. Sometimes it just depends on the mood and situation. It is necessary to communicate what you like, what turns you on and how you like it. Then you can explore each other’s suggestions in efforts to please one another.

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Make him feel like a god, as you embrace your inner goddess – both enjoying the divine union of amazing earth-shaking sex! Reach for the stars and ride to the moon, as you experience a sense of heavenly bliss — always remembering that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

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Allura Joy works with women of all ages and diverse backgrounds offering various holistic therapies and relationship advice, as well as sharing valuable resources in the areas of women’s health and sexual wellness. Allura has facilitated various groups, retreats, conferences and special events for women to come together in community to share, connect and support one another.

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