If you could go back in time and speak to our ancestors, you would find that they faced the same situations we have today. They worried about and prepared themselves for a life beyond this. They took good care of their bodies, necessary for the defence and protection of their extended families. They developed culture as a means of passing on the skills and knowledge learnt.

Shelter, food, clothing and social interaction still are as important today as ever, the opportunities for work, demonstrated use of learnt skills, feeling valued, loved and secure are stiil the main focus of our family life and employment.

But when all these are satisfied, we turn our hearts and minds towards relaxtion, hobbies, sport, spiritual development, we have dreamed, looking at the stars, we have built vast cities, but we have yet to overcome the differences of humanity. We still see ourselves as members of clans, political parties, religions before we see ourselves as people. Few has stood alone, calling themselves prophets, guides, teachers, less then 2% of this world have actually met a person who has given them a moment of clear sight.

Even fewer still have held that moment in their consciousness for a lifetime, and even fewer still have lived this life as if they were actually in heaven. Bringing about change in a persons life without changing their environment has only resulted is sceptisims and disbelief even from those who have experinced lightened moments. We are our own future, we as people need to get the land back from those who will sell it, we need to develop a community that can provide for its own. Not as a tribe or religion, but as spiritual beings, no spiritual being, once their own eternal name and purpose has been known will ever allow the loss of those who are still to learn.

Join with others and turn vast areas of land into no ownership, likened to ancient Aamerican Indians, native Australians who didnt believe in land ownership, this was not an uncommon event in history as most of the Middle East and Europe were pilgrim and nomadic lands. They still today have the rites of the travellor.


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