Modern medicine is evolving rapidly. Doctors, hospitals, and innovators are constantly coming up with new ways of treating disease and remedying ailments. From new drugs to new techniques, the healthcare landscape is different in many ways to what it once was. However, the medical practices of today were born from ancient techniques. And, there are still many ancient medical breakthroughs which are still practiced today. In this article, we will outline those time-tested methods.

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However, sometimes supplements cannot completely support overall health. Certain illnesses or health conditions require medical intervention. Here is a list of some of the ancient medical practices still being conducted today:


This popular alternative medical practice was first introduced in China approximately 4000 years ago. Ancient Chinese healers would insert needles into the body, targeting specific pressure points. Its aim was to encourage inner balance within the body. Today, the practice is a sought-after remedy for relaxation and pain relief. Its use even extends as far as a form of anesthesia for surgery.

The benefits of acupuncture are well documented. Researchers suggest that it can prevent the onset of hypertension. Furthermore, there is evidence which suggests it can lower blood pressure. You can read more about the studies here. While evidence is not conclusive, this serves as a testament to its prominent rise as a medical treatment.


Prosthetics come in many shapes and forms - from artificial limbs to dentures to artificial heart valves. The limitless potential of prosthetics is why they are so important in modern surgery. Furthermore, 3D printers are allowing prosthetics to be manufactured more efficiently using higher quality materials. But, without the discovery of ancient prosthetics, they may not have been so popular today.

The first prosthetic discovery was made hundreds of years ago. Two toes made from leather and wood were found on a 2700-year-old female mummy. At first, researchers debated whether they served a cosmetic or functional purpose. After testing similar designs on people without toes, they found that the prosthetics were capable of fixing physical abnormalities. And so, the prosthetic industry began to grow into what is now one of the most important medical practices today.


A cesarean section (or c-section) is one of the most popular methods of childbirth today. In fact, a third of the US population undergoes a c-section for childbirth. The operation is usually used during cases where vaginal delivery is dangerous. As a result, it can offer a much safer option for mothers delivering children.

Although the surgery is such a popular modern medical practice, it can be traced back thousands of years. It is actually considered one of the oldest medical practices to date. C-section descriptions date back to the year 820 B.C. It has been mentioned throughout history. However, it wasn’t until doctors had access to better medical equipment that it became a viable means of child delivery.

Cataract Surgery

While cataract surgery may not be completely reminiscent of its origins today, it was first practiced years ago. Cataract couching surgeries were some of the earliest forms. Arabic practitioners would use a sharp-tipped needle to remove the lens. It was extremely dangerous. Today, laser surgeries are the most prominent method for cataract surgeries.

Whether you are planning a trip to an acupuncture practitioner or are considering the c-section method, it is interesting to note that these medical practices date back many years. While improvements in the healthcare landscape ensure the safe delivery of successful results, these practices have ancient roots in our past.

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