Nothing is free in this world. Sometimes we think that people get the blessings free of cost. They have everything and they have nothing to stress about in their life. Their lives seem smooth to us. This is not true at all. We all have to pay by one or the other way around. We have to work hard to reach our dreams. Marriage has the same phenomenon. Relationship between husband and wife is the most tricky and complex one among all other relations. It does not work if it is not on equal give and take terms. 0ne has to put his efforts in relationship to make it work best. It is just 10%, if you are just okay to live by 10% then your life is not different from hell. The 90% work depends upon the couple. They have to work on it to complete the circuit.

The phenomenon of having a happy marriage till the last breath has always been arcane and stigma to the human understanding. The very simple rule which can safely be called that marriage is what 10% by fate happens to one, rest 90% of it depends upon the effort and investment put in it. The reaction and the attitude is the central theme upon which the fate of marriage is defined. It’s the reaction and positivity of one’s mind toward it to keep it workable.
Attitude that counts the most
If your attitude is all positive toward making your marriage work then it does work but if you start with the negative attitude then no matter how much effort you make to make your marriage work, it won’t stay healthy and even near to perfect. What you sow, so shall you reap is one of the basic formulas in harvesting the cultivable land of marriage.
Reaction toward issues
Sometimes overreaction or under reaction damages the action. The soul of marriage is broken if reactions are not well chosen and appropriate to the action. One must be kind and wise enough in choosing attitudes toward some unfavorable and perceived rude acts.
Efforts and investments in marriage that matters
It is only marriage that is written in fate not the marriage after scenario. Aftermath of nikah is the real thing which demands efforts toward mending the ways of shadi. No matter after life of marriage comes with a unique pattern or it revised the banalities, one must portray itself positively toward it. There is a pun which says that “i wanted marriage not husband”, which clearly indicates that marriage is cool not the husband. One has to make one's husband cool and life happy.
Shaadee. Pk is the one only which has bust the myths and killed the expectations of young people by blogging in a way to make the youth sensible, prudent and understand shadi and its true sense one must be acting positive with low expectations to pave the way of marriage toward success.

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