With the advancement of mobile technology, the on-demand apps have gained immense popularity which is making the life easier of the people and providing a lot of benefits to the various businesses.

As the service sector remains to be the biggest beneficiary of on-demand applications, domains like manufacturing, hospitality, entertainment, transportation as well as online marketplaces can easily get accustomed to the on-demand concept. There is certainly no exaggeration in mentioning that various on-demand apps are bringing revolution to the market of on-demand services.

Instances like Uber, Netflix, Tinder, Doctor on Demand etc. are some of the on-demand apps which have set significant milestones when it comes down to a total number of downloads on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In recent years, Android applications are leading over iOS applications.

A mobile app development company can offer on-demand apps that provide services to customers through iOS as well as Android apps. However, it is a matter worth looking at whether Android or iOS is the better platform of on-demand app development. Let’s look at the various significant aspects which determine what app platform is a preferred platform for this.

1. Market Share

Android is way ahead of Apple with a significant margin. At present, a higher percentage of market share is taken over by Android OS which autorize almost all mobile phones that are actually present in the market. Hence, it is better to go for the Android platform for on demand app development in order to address a large volume of audience.

2. Customization

Apps require regular updates in order to meet the ever-evolving customer requirements. In comparison to iPhone, Android apps are highly customizable. Entrepreneurs can easily modify their apps as per the audience requirements and even get new chance in order to boost their business.

3. Features

Easier navigation, Maps, GPS functionality etc. are some of the most used features that are required in an on-demand application. Android OS does have a definitive wedge over iPhone when it comes down to these various features. On demand apps can easily facilitate the users to find the real-time location with the assistance of inbuilt Google Maps.

4. Amount of Data Storage

Android is leading over iOS in data storage memory. With more storage capacity for free as well as cross-platform support, Google Drive remains to be the best platform in order to save valuable data. Along with this, the cloud storage of Android is quite easier to access as well as more effective in comparison to iCloud. The on-demand apps regularly deal with the customer’s data as well as companies can easily serve this particular purpose via Google Drive integration within the app. Best Android development company can easily take advantage of this massive amount of storage space for on-demand app development.

5. Inclusion of Voice Assistance

Google Assistant is duly backed by the Google which is a giant search engine. It has access to billions of data points. It easily makes the Google Assistant much more powerful as well as versatile in comparison to Siri as well as another voice assistant. Users of various on-demand apps can easily search as well as stay updated with various contextual information through the help of Google Assistant. It does have a conversational approach, and it can easily provide customized suggested to its various app users. However, for iOS apps enabled with Siri, hire iOS app developers in order to create an on-demand app for iOS.

6. Notification

Each and every on-demand app have to send notifications in order to keep all of its users duly updated with the various useful information. Whether it is promotional offers or even company activities, notifications can easily play a key role in boosting business as well as spreading awareness. Android OS can easily handle various notifications from one single app quite well. The app users can easily respond to the various notifications without actually opening the app. Android does have a persistent notification feature that is yet to be actually adopted by Apple.

7. Multi-language Support

When it comes to on-demand apps, most of them are the B2C type, and hence, it is quite important that they are duly available in different languages that are understood by their target audience. When it comes to different languages, Android supports more than 100 languages whereas iOS only supports over 34 languages. Android OS is hence quite suitable for the development of apps for health, e-commerce, and various people-oriented services.

8. Overall Cost-effectiveness

Startups, as well as established companies, can easily leverage the inherent advantages of the ubiquitousness of Android devices. They can easily address to wide smartphone-using audience irrespective of device type and display size in quite a cost-effective way. All they have actually to do is find a best Android app development company.

9. Advancement in Technology
Android provide advanced memory. Even if any on demand app is quite large in size, quite manageable in the given Android device which has a micro-SD card. Along with this, Android mobile manufacturers are constantly spreading all over the world, and they are coming up with various innovative features using their different technological advancements. Android community is actually thriving with more technologically advanced features, and various companies can easily utilize these different features in order to make their apps much more attractive as well as user-friendly.


On-demand services are now adopting on-demand apps in order to cater to the requirements of the people. For on-demand app development, Android is preferred over iOS. The above-mentioned points prove this.

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Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking custom software development company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.