The angel of Joy, Ramaela,( Ram-e-la) is a playful angel who loves to see you laugh and enjoy life in a healthy and carefree way. Laughter is contagious and I believe that is why Ramaela wants us to knows that joy and laughter are essential foods for the mind, body and spirit. When you call upon him, he opens your eyes to those things that will bring laughter to your heart. He wants you to know that these expressions are innate within you and can be experienced whenever you want.

Angel Ramaela wants you to achieve your spiritual destiny while you are here on Earth. To do so, he simply asks you to use your innate positive energy to transform your awareness. He knows that in order to live a joy-filled life, you must maintain a state of mental awareness together with a positive attitude that will keep you in control of your own happiness. After all, only you can choose whether or not you want to suffer or thrive. When you transform your outlook to be the seeker of all things positive, you open the doors to creating and maintaining laughter and all the joy that comes along with it.

Within each and every one of us is our "true authentic nature". Angel Ramaela calls you to free your true self and to discover the joy that is actually your natural state of being. It is that joyfulness that empowers you to heal, to feel joy-filled pleasure and to rediscover peace in all aspects of your life. If you are in a state of anxiety and are frustrated by the way your life has been lately, now is the perfect time to ask Ramaela to come into your life and light the way by helping you to lighten up your life with laughter.

Invite Angel Ramaela to help you produce more positive energy in your life. He understands that the more joyful energy you have, the more you emit to those around you; and also upon the projects that you pursue. Imagine having an idea but taking that idea and making it a reality and a real success. That is what Angel Ramaela wants to help you do. He sees your potential and understands that you can become both creative and productive in all things by using your positive energy to transform yourself, your environment and your future. He can help you fulfill your life purpose by practicing an attitude of joy in everyday living... just call his name.

Blessings to you on your journey,

Joan Marie

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