Angel Ramiel is the angel of fairness. He loves singing songs of joy when you are kind, considerate and thoughtful towards others. He asks you to lighten your heart and release your disturbed state of mind. He does not want you to hold onto anger, resentment or hurtfulness toward others even if they are attempting to bully you. He empowers you with hope and understanding so that you can release these negative feelings and hold your ground. He knows that by holding onto these harmful emotions you are doing more damage to yourself than you realize.

I know that it can become a habit, and even comforting to hold onto hurtful experiences and offensive encounters because you are so filled with anger and refuse to let them go but that behavior is counterproductive. You feel that by holding onto these negative emotions you can keep a barrier between yourself and those people and events that have harmed you in some way. The truth is that the longer you hold onto these feelings, the worse you feel. The worse you feel, the unhealthier you become - physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. Angel Ramiel can help you let go of your emotional baggage if you are willing to forgive and if you are willing to let him into your life.

What is it that makes you feel most at peace in your life? If you are like a lot of people, you are most content when you know that you are giving and receiving love - the kind of love that encourages caring, sharing, compassion and hope. And that is what Angel Ramiel can help you to achieve in your life. When you call upon him, he will give you the courage to let down your guard and release all the negativity that you have been harboring because now you are beginning to feel and appreciate your power and your worth. He will open your eyes to the abundance of love and joy that surrounds you. He truly wants you to love to feel loved and to believe that you are loved.

Are you ready to forgive yourself and all those who have bullied you because it is time for you to move onto bigger and better things in your life? Ask Ramiel to come into your life and give you the strength to transform your painful experiences into feelings of forgiveness and love. With the aid of Ramiel, you can commit to changing your attitude and the way you feel about past events. Yes, you can break down the wall that you have built around yourself and begin to experience pure love. Know that you are safe and secure and that Angel Ramiel is protecting you. You are no only drawing the bullies of the world towards you. This is your moment in time to creates a wholesome sense of self-worth and goodness in you and in everything you do because you are special and Angel Ramiel believes in you.

Blessings to you on your journey,

Joan Marie

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