When you are dealing with a life situation that is confusing and challenging, you can find assistance and resolution with the help of the Angels. The more you ask help of your Angels, the more readily you will be able to implement their help confidently. The Angels assist in many ways, one of them is in helping you make choices from a soul level.

Most of the time you make choices from the personality mind, but soul choices are made using the heart, This is not the romantic or sentimental heart, but the heart space connected to your soul. Your heart space comprises your heart chakra and links directly to your soul star chakra above your crown chakra. The Angels will help you to recognize this space within your ethereal body and translate this heart wisdom into solutions for any situation.

The highest solution may not be the one you were previously focused on while trying to solve your problem with your thinking mind, it’s likely it will be something you haven’t thought of. At first it may seem impossible or difficult but with trust in your Angelic helpers the steps will be revealed to you and you’ll find one you begin with the first step, the process is much simpler than you imagined.

There are always several paths you can take to deal with any situation, there is always a solution. Those solutions already exist in the ethers, but the one that is best and highest from a soul perspective is the one the Angels will lead you to claim. Once you claim it as your own, which is actually your first step, the others subsequently follow. The resources, opportunities, and people will be there as you continue to walk with intention and trust in the presence of your Angels.

To begin, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, center yourself in your heart space by thinking of someone you love and holding that feeling within you. Just breath fully and deeply without strain and feel the love as a flowing movement throughout your body. Now visualize a duplicate of your body outlined in white light just a few inches from you, this is your etheric template. See this same love flowing throughout your template as a golden light. As it flows your entire template begins to glow. Now call in your Angels, ask them to be present with you (this is for you, they already are) Then ask them to guide you to your highest loving soul choice. Ask for a clear sign to be given within a specified amount of time. Use your intuition as to the length of time, but generally ask for it to be given within no more than three days. Trust your solution is already there, your Angels are simply readying you to be open so that you can see it clearly. Thank them knowing it is completed.

I’ve used this process effectively countless times myself and taught it to many many of my clients, who have also had great success with it. The key is in trusting your Angels as helpers of the Light, knowing the answer has already been given.

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Lily Grace is an Angel channel and spiritual facilator. She assists individuals worldwide to empower themselves, create positive change, and transform their lives, with the help of the Angels.

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