Signs of the angels are everywhere! They are messages tucked away in the books you read, the thoughts you think, the songs you hear and the sensations you feel in your body. Traces of the angels can be found in the way your cat lies on top of your laptop while you try to type gently suggesting, “maybe it’s time for a break.” They are in your child’s words of cutting truth when she insists, “Mom, why are you telling me to eat better when I see you drinking coffee all the time?” The angels are behind that gut knowing you have about all sorts of things that often leaves you saying, “I just knew I should have…”.

An often overlooked fact is that the angels are unable to do their work here on Earth without your participation. They are your partners and are here to help you in every moment of every day. For your prayers of change to manifest into physical reality, the angels need you to hear their messages and follow their guidance.

So how do you learn to recognize the literally millions of signs from your angels that appear each day? How can you begin to trust this guidance and have faith that the messages you are receiving are really coming from them? By growing your awareness of all your intuitive senses, you can achieve greater connection and strengthen your partnership with the angels.

All humans have four primary clairsenses. They are clairaudience the hearing sense, clairvoyance the seeing sense, clairsentience the feeling sense and claircognizance the knowing sense. When the angels communicate through these senses, the messages feel as though they are coming from a place of pure love. Love is the hallmark for recognizing signs from your angels. Whatever the message, as long as it is free of fear, doubt and negativity, it is angelic.

A wonderful way to start on the path of angel communication is with angel oracle cards. By picking one card each day, you will start to notice themes emerging. If for example, you select a card about changing your diet three out of five days, then you know quite well what the angels are guiding you to do. Who knows? You may begin to notice items in the grocery store that you didn’t notice before. Perhaps you develop a sudden craving for raw spinach and goat cheese. Maybe those chocolate treats start tasting a little funny. I’ve had students who have experienced boxes of Oreos that somehow keep tumbling out of their cart! Perhaps a sign?!

Give yourself a gift this month and set the intention of noticing more signs from your angels, because they are everywhere. Open your door and let them in!

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Rev. Nina Roe is the Founder of As an international teacher and speaker on the topic of angel communication, Nina guides her students and audiences to discover their truth and live a life of love, joy and abundance. She has published many articles on the topics of spiritual development and angel communication. To learn more about Rev. Nina’s work, visit