It has been said over time that those who hear voices are going mad. What about those who hear voices in their dreams? Are they mad also? How do we determine when we have heard the voice of the angels, and when we have received true guidance? One of the easiest things to do is to discount those voices we hear in our dreams as just that, dreams. The truth about it is that we can easily learn to discern true guidance from ego demands. We receive our best guidance from our dreams; this is due to the fact that in our dream state our conscious mind is not blocking messages sent to us from heaven. It is therefore extremely important that we do not discount what we recieve in the form of a dream. This becomes especially true when the guidance we receive leaves us with a lasting feeling of peace and a sense of calm that seems to follow us through out our day.

To determine if the guidance we receive is a gift from our angels or a command from our ego, we must be able to tune into our feelings and use our feelings as a radio frequency to help us determine the difference. If you have a dream in which you see your angels or hear the voice of your angels, notice how you feel upon awakening. Notice if you feel a sense of prolonged peace, a feeling that absolutely nothing can ruin your day. You wake up feeling great. You can also remember the dream with a rare vividness, and an uncanny recall of this dream with every detail for many days, or even years afterward. Equally when you begin to recount this dream experience to yourself or to someone you once again find yourself experiencing those great feelings, akin to what we call a “warm fuzzy feeling” inside your being. These are all indications that the messages you have received are from your angels and therefore constitute true divine guidance.
If on the other hand you feel stressed, or get the feeling of being rushed. If you notice that you feel uneasy as if you know down deep inside that something bad is about to happen then those words or dreams you thought were true guidance are really your ego mind attempting to betray you into believing that you have been guided. Notice the difference in the way you feel. Notice, too, if you are set off easily; if so then you have been in contact with the ego mind during your dream and it has left you with a feeling of betrayal.

All of us have the capacity to hear our angels, see our angels, and talk to our angels the problem is that we all want bells and whistles. We want reassurance that what we have just heard, dreamt, or envisioned is fact. We want concrete evidence; we want to know for sure that what we have just heard is the honest truth. The problem with that is when we want something so palpable that it will stand up in court, we are not having faith. We are all energy and we must believe, have faith and release our anxiety that what we have just heard, experienced or witnessed is real.

The one real problem is our inability to have faith. In order to have faith, we must know what faith is. Faith is a belief laced with a positive expectation that elicits a feeling of euphoria, and knowingness that everything will be fine. Faith is the belief in the positive, accompanied by a good feeling inside our solar plexus. When we have that feeling, we find that faith is easy. We are in that moment being truly and divinely guided by our angels, or our spirit guides. When you have faith miracles happen.

“Believe in yourself and thus you believe in me.” These are words spoken by an angel; they were a gift from heaven for me to share with all my readers. We must always be in total awareness of our feelings so that we can use them to measure the outcome of our dreams. You have been given the gift of receiving guidance you just have not been taught to decipher the messages from above. Use your feelings as a gauge; trust that you will be lead with love by your angels. Know how you are feeling and you will know the source of your guidance.

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