Anger and Frustration as States of Mind - By: Joey Poltor

First of all, not having a support system that is on board with your goals is toxic and secondly, state of mind is a HUGE aspect of success.

Read this and then stop and imagine. The last time you got angry, really angry, why did you do it? What did it accomplish? What did it really accomplish, not just from that moment but did your anger aid you in becoming closer to your goals? My guess is NO. That is because you did not use your anger in the right way.

You see, anger is a state of mind. Belief, Certainty, Faith, Positivity and even Frustration are all states of mind. The only thing in this world that we have control over is our state of mind.


Do you know the actual reason we get angry? From an evolutionary standpoint we know that when we get angry the body dumps hormones into our system which allow us to be prepared to fight. Have you ever really fought anymore aside from the schoolhouse brawl you had 15 years ago in the 6th grade? Knowing the kind of person you are and that you are committed to success, I imagine that you are not quite the person who fights all that often. I did recently have a tenant actually get kicked out of his house by some guy. Mind you that was low income apartments and I was amazed at how barbaric that low income mentality really is. The guy literally got beat up and kicked out of his own house like a caveman taking another man’s cave. That’s not you though.

So why do you get angry? Well, evolution has not caught up to man as quickly as we would like. What is the key to anger? Well, realize that you are angry, then you can change it. Look at your situation right now, think about it. What do you hate about your situation? There is a reason you paid for this program and that has a small bit to do with you hating your current situation.

Now, channel that hate, channel that anger into something useful. Change it into determination to be successful.


What is frustration anyways? Is it your way to throw a little pity party in your honor when things don’t go your way. For me, I get frustrated when I am trying to do something and the people that it affects don’t seem to understand when I know that it is something that needs to be done. The best example I can give you is in my building of the Freedom Fighter Army and building these systems for you. People seem to say that they want to be successful, but they don’t. They want to be perceived as someone who is willing to try, but they aren’t. That is something I had to understand and with my new understanding I was able to tailor the program to the few who actually want the change.

So, why would that frustrate me then? Well, the posers will say things to knock the products or my ways of doing things and simply not push forward. Do you know how I have to get past that? I have to think about the people who do want the help, the few that are focused and are ready to change their lives. They say that only 3% of the people are willing to make an actual change in their lives. Is that hard to believe? I am the kind of person that has read hundreds of self help books, engulfed myself in systems and learning about success and how to attain it. I can’t even understand why these imposters would waste the time to look like they are trying when they simply are not.

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