I have addressed the issue of how parents and society teach us anger, judgment, criticalness and punishment. But one’s next question might be, but then why did people go into judgment, manipulation and control in the first place? Parents teach it to their kids, then their kids become parents and teach it to their kids, but where and who started it and how is it that it continues on and on? My answer to that is: dark force influences. You don’t want to hear that. But if anger and judgment and criticalness are not coming from God and not recommended by God and Jesus, and if your goal is love and peace at all times, then if God didn’t instigate these reactions and behaviors, then someone originally had to have started it and programmed it into parents and society, and someone had to have continued doing it to keep it going…?

Where does any darkness come from except from a dark force? Look around you….everything has an opposite to it, everything does! Do you think that there is no opposite to God? People who believe there is no Devil or no dark forces are in illusion. The dark forces want you to believe there are no dark forces and no Devil, for obvious reasons. Spiritual teachings and religions who claim there is no Devil and no dark forces, or who say they are immune to this, they are most likely in some degree of illusion.

To free yourself from your enemy, you must first see that the enemy exists, identify him or her, see how that enemy works, and then you can see how to free yourself from that enemy. These people who hurt you…they are either dark forces, or they are being influenced by dark forces, just like your parents and society were influenced by dark forces, and just like you, too, have been at some point influenced by dark forces.

God didn’t create people to hurt and harm people! God only wants love to be expressed! Then if God didn’t create these nasty people, bad parenting, and illusions within all of us that cause us anger and judgments, then who did create all of this illusion? There has to be an opposite to God, a Devil, as everything in life has its opposites. These new age people who talk about healing duality and who say there is no Devil and there is only God, who say you need to heal this duality of believing in right and wrong because that is just judgment…they may or may not be well-meaning, but they are in illusion. With some of them, it may be just a way they are trying to deal with the problem, but it isn’t working, even if they think it is working. They are still being hurt and negatively influenced, until they can recognize their real enemy, see they are being influenced themselves, and work on healing their inner world so that their outer world changes.

People may say, but God got angry lots of times in the Bible and he punished people! How could a loving God do such things? Or, they say, if it was okay for God to get angry in the Bible and he judged and he punished, then it’s okay for us to do that, too, isn’t it? My answer to that is that people in the Bible interpreted events as being God’s anger and judgment and punishment, but that was their own chosen interpretation and viewpoint about things that happened, what they chose to believe, and not the real reality of the situation. It was the Devil and his dark forces on earth who caused all these problems and events, not God! It was people who decided events and situations were caused by God’s wrath! It was people who said we should fear God and God’s punishments and judgments!

And then people say, well, if God is so loving, then why does he allow all of this pain and darkness in the world? My answer to that is:

• First of all, recognize that it is the Devil and his henchmen on earth who are causing all of the pain and suffering on this earth, not God.
• Secondly, God is freedom and He therefore allows people to be free to think and do whatever they choose to do, even if it causes great suffering and pain.
• Thirdly, if we were all in love, truth and light all of the time, then there would be no growth. It would be easy to be in love, truth and light all of the time if there was no darkness in the world to pull us down out of it. But God wants us to be strong enough in light, love and truth so that even surrounded and attacked by extreme darkness, we can still stand in our light, love and truth, unmoved. God wants us to be as strong and as endless loving as He is. It takes dealing with darkness and pain to evolve us into God’s levels. We grow through the darkness and suffering, and our pain causes us to seek some sort of healing and truth that heals it. Or, we might just turn to outer things to try and heal our pain, and those outer things cause us many more problems and addictions of all sorts, but we eventually learn from that and seek deeper methods of healing ourselves and our lives.
• We are dealing with the gradual evolution of souls here, and to evolve, we must go through a certain amount of pain and suffering because that’s what teaches us. We have to have a challenge to search for how to solve it in order to find the truth and healing behind the challenge in order to grow closer to God consciousness. I believe in the evolution of souls gradually through life experiences on earth and I see earth as school. It is a painful process and sometimes involves great suffering, but we suffer according to how many false beliefs we have, and the false beliefs come from the Devil. Our false beliefs, which come from the Devil and his henchmen on earth, cause us wrong thoughts, creating bad feelings, creating relationship problems, job problems, financial problems, and leading to a lack of clarity and intuition and divine guidance and clear discernment! This leaves it open for the Devil and dark forces to mislead us even further, causing us more and more life problems.

Why does God allow suffering and darkness on earth? The bottom line is that
It has been people’s choice to stray from God’s teachings, which leads them into trouble and pain and suffering.

I want to go back to talking about judgments and anger for a moment. I have witnessed something among very devout Christians that deeply concerns me. Their problem is that they were raised on fear, guilt and judgment, and they believe in anger as if it were holy. They got this from their parents and from the church, and from misinterpretations of the Bible. I find that many Christians are confused because on the one hand they were raised to judge and get angry and punish; whereas on the other hand, Jesus was teaching love and forgiveness and nonjudgment. So, what I have observed is that a Christian will be loving and nonjudgmental and understanding part of the time, and then part of the time they will be getting angry, judging, criticizing and punishing, and justifying it! This is where your discernment comes in. I have met very religious people who seem incredibly loving and compassionate and kind, and yet suddenly at times they will start lashing out at me in anger, usually when they feel insecure and are wanting to be right all of the time. If you point out a mistake to them, at work, for instance, and they are not wanting to accept that they could make any mistakes, then they might lash out at you and try to say it was your fault and not theirs! It will be totally irrational, but then unresolved deep emotions and self-judgments are not rational and are not even about the current situation.

You, too, may have the same problems that they have! You are probably not immune to being angry and irrational or inconsistent, either! We have all been taught wrong things in wrong ways. It has to be healed in each of us. We cannot just see it as other people’s problems and not as our own problems, as well.

It really isn’t all about that particular situation they are currently angry about. It’s about something else entirely….it’s about a generalized guilt and insecurity they feel and it’s been with them all of their life, and it came from parents and religious false teachings about anger, guilt, judgment and punishment! They were raised on fear, guilt and punishment, they were raised on anger and judgment, and part of them still believes in this and part of them believes in its opposite which is what Jesus taught and what God is. They do not see this dichotomy in themselves and their beliefs and reactions, as it is too threatening. So they continue on, sometimes loving, sometimes hateful, sometimes in between, never wanting to look at the real truth and the real cause of their feelings and reactions. They have a strong tendency to block out negative situations and reactions from their memory banks because of fear and guilt. So, if later on, you try to remind them of that angry incident, they won’t remember it at all; or, if they do remember it, they have altered it entirely in their mind and will say no, that’s not the way it happened at all.

Some religious people will also say they are not angry when it is so obvious that they are angry, in their tone, their body language, and in what they are saying and doing, even though they aren’t ranting and raving. What is this? Why don’t they see that they are angry? Because they have been taught at their particular church and by their parents that anger is a grave sin, but that it is okay for God and their parents to get angry, and so they are confused and scared about anger and they don’t want to even recognize or admit that they are angry, to themselves, or to you.

Religions were created and taught by people. It was people who translated and typed up the Bible, and some of them distorted the Bible on purpose. It is people who choose to interpret the Bible and believe in the Bible in various ways. People are being influenced by the Devil, as well as by God, and so their perceptions are not always correct, and so the Christian religion becomes a distorted version of what God said and what Jesus said.
We have to be very careful and search for the real truth and what the Bible was really about and its truth and its fiction, and we have to get this information straight from God himself, and through actually having conversations with Jesus, and we must learn how to correctly and accurately receive this information and know when it is true and when it is false and where it is really coming from, and this takes a lot of training and practice and teachers of it who are in extremely high levels of ascension. It is not easy. It takes years. But we at least must strive for this ability to know and see and hear the real truth about everything. Otherwise, if we do not strive for this, then we are influenced by teachings that have truth mixed with fiction, and by teachers who are not ascended enough to know enough truth to be teaching it.

Anger and judgment and misinterpretations about God, Jesus and the Bible are rampant these days and are causing all sorts of suffering and pain and problems on the planet. Other religions, also, are full of misinterpretations and illusions and mixing truth with fiction, and so I am not just talking about the problems with the Christian religion. Anger and judgment come from false teachings and beliefs. This must be healed in order for the planet to be free from all sort of ills, like illnesses, wars, relationship problems, divorces, addictions, mental illnesses, and neurotic behaviors. Let’s start working on it now by starting with ourselves and our own anger, judgments and false beliefs. We cannot help others with it until we, ourselves, are healed of it. Let’s start now.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is a minister and teacher of the ascension path of enlightenment. She writes about how to attain higher ascension/enlightenment levels, how to attain the beginning levels of ascension, and where it is all leading one to. She highly recommends that we create intentional communities, ecovillages, where we live close to nature, off the grid, ecologically and healthfully, eating only vegetarian/vegan foods, living outside of the system which she refers to as the "Matrix." She is actively working on finding an intentional community herself that she connects with, and she is in the process of letting go of her current career as a social worker. She has taught and ministerd through various metaphysical and Christian churches and healing centers; and in the system in the past she worked as a graphic designer and editor.