Anger is a healthy and natural emotion when expressed in a mature and appropriate way. However, when anger is left untreated and gets out of control, it can lead to child abuse, domestic violence, as well as physical and verbal abuse.
Anger management counseling provides an opportunity to learn more about our anger. During the counseling process clients will gain an emotional awareness and learn problem solving skills, which improve a person's frustration and tolerance levels in stressful situation. The ultimate goal in anger management counseling is to improve the way we deal with anger in order to have and maintain good relationships especially with the one's we love.

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My personal recovery process was the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life. It created the solid foundation from which I now meet challenges personally and professionally in all areas of my life. My goal as a qualified and professional counsellor/therapist is to help you identify, clarify and modify your internal environment so that you too can meet the challenges you are faced with in life, in a new, meaningful and life enhancing way. I believe that happiness, peace, joy and love are available to all people, despite their past actions or circumstances.