Ever felt to smash something after a long day at work?  Need to get your mind feel relaxed and free? There's a more grown-up way to throw an outburst. In Melbourne, People use rage rooms to flush out their anger and frustration, which has been trendy nowadays. Smash rooms of Melbourne, also known as rage rooms or anger rooms, they provide a safe place for people to shatter away their anger – like literally. You can throw a plate across a room, take a tack hammer to an old computer or even break a T.V or a heavy glass item.

The first anger room unlocked in Japan in 2008. Since then, these rooms have spread to nation states from the United Kingdom to Argentina. There are hundreds of rage rooms in the USA like the smash rooms of Melbourne mentioned above, and new ones have exploded up in cities such as Charlotte, North Carolina, and Arizona. These rooms are generally reasonable but yes, as always places do matter! The prices vary from country to country. Rage rooms may be made up of fake living rooms and kitchens with imitations of fittings and objects such as televisions and small tables.

Why go to a rage room?

Rage rooms are not just for when you're tensed, people have formed a group to the smash room as a form of stress relief, not anger management.  The use of anger rooms may reduce the stress felt from the ongoing work stress. It may provide you a quick fix to your tensions. But doing so stick us from the opportunity for a greater self-image and accepting the difficulty of anger. Reasons to go to smash rooms of different places are:

  • Provides no insight related to feeling and things that foster the awakening of anger.
  • Thru this method, there’s no insight into the injuries and pain that makes people at risk to control anger.
  • A rehearsal for acting out anger
  • Highlights the reward of destructive strategies
  • Emphasizes the expectations for a quick and fast fix to the problems

What do you do in The Break Room?

Inside The Break Room, all you have is, only you, your breakables and a baseball bat in your hand. How you spend your time and how you go about allowing out your feelings is completely up to you. Your goal is to use this time to feel better, release any violence, and have a great and stress-free time. People also tend to go to a break room as it has been trendy and may make a person feel cool. It helps to make a person feel relaxed and free from the issues being faced by them. Also helps to release all the bad and cringe thoughts from their minds which have been very disturbing for them.

Is this safe?

Companies do pride themselves on making The Break Room extremely safe. All they ask is that you wear closed shoes for the session and they’ll take care of the rest of you. Giving you thick gloves, either a thick coat or a pair of coveralls to wear, and full face protection like a helmet. A person would be covered head to toe, also have a First Aid kit on hand. So, need to release out your stress? Visit, SmashSplash, situated in Melbourne, smash rooms which offers you the opportunity to freely and creatively express yourself. Whether it be crushing glass or splashing paint, you’re sure to walk away feeling refreshed, energized and on an expected high. The best thing about these break room of Melbourne is that one doesn’t need to clean up the mess, done by you!

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Daniel Clark is a professional journalist and writer. He has several years of experience in writing for different types of industries like Health, Law and Medical industry etc.