AngularJS 2.0 From Beginning -Introduction of AngularJS 2.0
In the present web application improvement world,AngularJS is one of the most widely recognized and well known JS based systems. AngularJS has been well known from the earliest starting point for any kind of single page application improvement or some other web application.A couple of months ago,Google (AngularJS structure maintainers)released the new form of AngularJS i.e AngularJS 2.0. Dvelopers like us are eagerly awaiting the release of this final version of AngularJS
Now,in this article and furthermore in the coming consecutive articles,I will talk about quickly about AngularJS 2.Before beginning improvement in Angular JS,we first need to comprehend what's happening in AngularJS,we first need to understand what is new in AngularJS 2.0 and what are new benefits of it.
What is Angular?
The most widely recognized inquiry before beginning AngularJS i.e what is AngularJS? In common word,AngularJS is
*A MVC Structured Framework
*A single Page Application Framework
*A Client Side Templating
*A Language where written code can be easily tested by unit testing
Now the above ke features of Angularjs contain main concepts of innovations of angularjs.The main idea of angularjs is the separation between html manipulation and javascript logic in the web pages,so that html page and javascript logic can be developed simultaneously.It always give us faster productivity from a developer point of view.Also angularjs provides us a structured javascript framework which can perform unit testing easily.
Why Angular Js 2.0?
Presently before going to begin the advancement in precise js 2.0,we first need to realize why Google built up another adaptation of angularjs which is fundamentally altogether unique in basic idea or coding idea from its past forms i.e Angular 1.x.The primary reasons are –
AngularJS 1.x isn't so amazing in regard to the versatile application advancement.The new version of angularjs is totally focused on mobile development. Google deals with some new things like performance,load time in regard of the portable advancement.
*The earlier version of AngularJS is the modular based framework.Whereas in AngularJS 2.0 several modules have been removed resuting in better performance.Actually AngularJS 2.0 is a component based framework.In the current framwork,controllers and $scope have been removed.This two main building blocks of earlier versions have been replaced by components and directives.

*Angular 2 targets the ECMAScript6 or ES6 and all the new versions of browsers so that applications developed by using this framework can be operated any browser of any device.In the previous versions of the ECMAScript,everything is defined as prototype.But in ES6 version,class can be defined as javascript objects.Also in ES6,we can implement inheritance of class objects just like OOPS.
* Fundamentally Typescript is from Microsoft which implies that sooner rather than later AngularJS 2.0 will likewise be famous to the .NET space clients or developers.Normally Typescript documents are aggregated in the javascript records.

Different Between Angular 1.x and Angular 2.0
Angular 1.x
1)Structured MVC Framework
2)Separation of HTML and Business Logic in Javascript.
Angular 2.0
1)Component Based Framework
2)It contains the same concept with more modular pattern
3)It support typescript
4)Performance wise it is much faster.
The following is the primary key contrasts between Angular JS 1.x and Angular 2.0.
So in the above discussion,it is certain that for creating precise js 2.0 application or code, we have to compose code in the Typescript language.So before going to write down the code,I will discuss about some basic ideas of Type Script.Actually Typescript is a superset of javascript including some extra new features which help us write down the code in a very easy way.The main features of Typescript are as below -
*It is a strongly type language
*It supports modules and classes
*It supports Template string
*It supports interfaces
*It supports generics

Some sample Annotation of TypeScripts
var num=5;
var name = "Speros";
var something =123;
var list = [1,2,3];
function square(num) {
return num *num;
var num : number =5;
var name: string ="Speros"
var something: any =123;
var list: Array=[1,2,3];
function square(num: number): number {
return num * num;
Now we are going to develop our first program in AngularJS2.For this,we first need to install NodeJS in our computer.The latest version of NodeJS can be downloaded from the Internet.

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