The Animal Kingdom
This morning at the end of my meditation I was asked to share the following:
2 of my favorite books are: Animal Speak and Animal Wise by Ted Andrews. Over the last few years I have enjoyed so many meetings with the birds and land animals. We forget to stop to listen to them and share our blessings for them being with us.

We have so much to learn by watching the animals of our planet. From watching their eating habits: to watching them communication with each other and the world.

Each time I have one of our friends come into a dream, meditation or meeting along a drive I take the time to look up the message in one of Ted Andrews books. For me to read about our friends and find out more about their lives, habits and significance, I am opening up more doors. Not only the knowledge I gain, but the significance as to why they are sharing their presence with me.

Sometimes when I share with client on the animals that I sense with them, they become alarmed or even nervous. Then after they take the time to do some reading on the habits and gifts these amazing friends have to share, their fear is gone and the realization of how the energies of the animals can help us through transitions. Each time I have a tough time in a situation I stop and ask both the angelic realm and the animal kingdom to please help and support me. I ask if I can share their strengths and energies. Both the angelic realm and animal kingdom share that amazing pure unconditional love.

One day going to work, I shared with a co-worker that the deer are so much smarter and gentler than humans. She was shocked and annoyed at my statement. Then I shared how gentle they were, un-judging, kind and so peaceful. I was then shocked, she was speechless.

So with this, I have shared and thank the animal kingdom for their message and knowing I have so much more to learn. In the meantime I will also think of what I place into our atmosphere and into our plants and soil. And leave us all with the following questions:

Have you watched the birds eat our garbage food? Eating fries lying on the ground by a restaurant? And you ask them how they can eat food that even I at times cringe to eat. Have you asked your self what we have done to their food supply? Is their food supply becoming so contaminated that our garbage food can taste okay? What can we do about that?

by: Kim Buckler

Author's Bio: 

Kim Buckler is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. She is an intuitive and empathic healer who shares her gentle healing techniques with her clients. Kim has been teaching Usui Reiki for over 8 years and finds every class a learning experience for both her and her students. Kim has taken several other courses and provides various healing techniques.
Reiki Treatments, Reflexology, Readings, Past Life Regressions, Usui Reiki Classes, Crystal Healing workshop, Building Your Intuition Workshop, and more.

Along with starting Spirit & Soul Healing Clinic, Kim has created Cochrane & Area Wholistic Community. Her second business provides a directory for wholistic & alternative practitioners, coaches and suppliers: Canada's Wholistic Directory.

Join Kim in her journey of natural healing and the information that she has to share.