Wild animal skins have since time immemorial had multiple uses with the main ones being to make clothing to keep warm and as trophies which were sometimes used to create status symbols. In terms of their use as trophies people displayed these skins on their floors or walls; the natural attractiveness of these skins made them very elegant items for enhancing interior décor.

The quest to satisfy the increased demand for these skins resulted in the death of many animals especially zebras, cheetahs and buffaloes, and which eventually caused the banning of this trade. Entrepreneurial manufacturers seeking to capitalize on the demands for these items have since come up with synthetic animal print rugs which exactly mimic the qualities of real animal furs. As such, we can now still enjoy adorning our homes with attractive animal print area rugs without feeling guilty that an innocent animal/s was slaughtered for this purpose.

Faux fur area rugs are available in various charming designs and shapes such as rectangle, round, square and pelt. They are either machine-manufactured or handcrafted and are thus available in different colors, patterns and materials. Although sheep and cows are slaughtered for meat and their hides are available as byproducts, nowadays people are opting for sheep, goat and cow animal print rugs instead of the actual respective hides. Animal print area rugs can be printed to mimic any furred animal you desire. They can even be made to look livelier than the actual pelts.

By virtue of their nature, synthetic animal print rugs are easy to take care of. They are also resistant to bacterial activities which may otherwise cause rotting. Soil and stains do not adhere to them thus making them very easy to clean. They are very durable such that with just a little maintenance they can last for ages. Animal print area rugs are a fine accompaniment in any living room and have the effect of livening up even the dullest of rooms, thus complementing the furniture in addition to making the room look larger than it actually is. Their gentle colors have the effect of making the living room look classier, cozier and more homely. Generally, only a few other types of interior décor furnishings can rival the elegance of faux fur rags.

Animal print rugs are not only found in homes but also in offices, studios, and on the walls of pubs. Despite their ruggedness, when these rugs are used on floors they should not be placed on pathways so as to maintain their durability. Animal print area rugs should be placed say by the fireplace or the area/s between the couches in the living room where everyone can see them. To find the perfect faux fur area rugs for your home just look online where numerous catalogues are quickly and conveniently available.

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