Marriage is a relationship like no other. It involves the deepest level of commitment and caring to make it work. But what makes this relationship the most rewarding is the camaraderie shared between husband and wife. An anniversary is the perfect time to rejoice in your togetherness and reflect on how awesome it is to always have your best friend by your side!

An anniversary or Valentine’s Day stands apart from other occasions by being all about romance! You can be your mushy best and no one will call it cheesy! Quite to the contrary, your spouse will love being wooed with a bouquet of red roses or red balloons accompanied by a scrumptious chocolate cake delight! Men, keep in mind, if you surprise your wife at midnight, it will make your gift that much more special, as you would have proven that seeing her sweet smile is more special than your beauty sleep. But in the case of wives, men get pretty cranky when they are woken up in the middle of the night. So beware of your timing!

When you are celebrating a milestone anniversary, like the 10th, 25th or 50th, be extravagant with your gift and surprise. How about drowning your bedroom floor with red heart-shaped balloons! Women love jewelry and similar accessories. Buy her a beautiful pendant or cute earrings in a pretty velvet box. Now here’s the fun part. Hide it inside one of the balloons. Wake your wife with a bob-pin or safety-pin in a gaily wrapped box, and make her pierce every balloon to find her gift. You can do the same for your husband with a pair of diamond studded cufflinks or a sleek watch. Other great gift ideas are personalized gifts like charm bracelets with her name inscribed, or a purse with ‘My darling wife’ on the clutch. Men enjoy standard gifts like electronic gadgets or clothes. A fun way to rekindle the romance is lingerie or a silk nightgown!

The specialty of an anniversary is that it is a day that involves both of you, so your partner will enjoy a gift that allows you to enjoy as a couple. Plan a special outing for just the two of you in a romantic holiday spot. You can even decorate a pretty picnic table with a lacy tablecloth, a bottle of sparkling golden champagne, wild flowers adorning cushioned chairs, and hopefully a close pal passing off as the waiter for the day! It is when you add a little spice, that the gift becomes unique and wonderful! Top it off with a trip to a luxurious spa where you are both pampered like royalty or a nighttime swim at a friend’s pool!

Husbands aren’t big on tacky, romantic anniversary celebrations, and will delight in utilitarian gifts like you get him for any other occasion. Even so, it is up to you to bring a sentimental touch to your gift. A known fact is, the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. So prepare a delicious candlelight dinner for him with expensive wine, and classy background music. Get the kids out of the house, add a few elegant table lamps with a dim romantic lighting, aromatic perfumes on the napkins and dress up in your fanciest best, like you would to a cocktail dinner. A marriage tires easily and it is up to you use every opportunity to bring that magic back!

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