In your daily operations, your email plays a vital role in building connections with your clients. But there comes a time when you find your email flooded with countless marketing emails. You can either devote your entire day to filter the email account and delete them out of your mailbox or find a shortcut to this problem.

Those who want a shortcut will find Clean Email as the best email management tool. Those who are new to this email cleaner, here we are providing you essential details about this tool.

What is Clean Email: It is a simple and easy to use email management tool which keeps your mailbox clean and organized. It is a web service which can work with all the existing email service providers including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc.

The app combines your emails into relevant bundles such as newsletters, social media notifications, promotional emails, spam, important emails, etc. which you can’t sort manually on a daily basis. Hence Clean Email takes care of all your emails and sorts them according to their nature. Then you can apply any actions to these bundles like delete, archive, star, move, etc. and set up rules to new incoming emails as well.

Below are the important features of Clean Email that you can use to organize your mailbox account:

Quick Clean: As a solution to your problems of handling thousands of unwanted and unnecessary emails, this email cleaner will easily delete or process any amount of emails to protect your email account from spam, unwanted senders, and emails sent for marketing purpose. Your mailbox will only retain those emails which have been marked to enter your mailbox.

Unsubscribe from mass emails: Another problem that may be very annoying is getting too many marketing emails and therefore the necessity to unsubscribe from all of them manually. With Clean Email you can easily unsubscribe from emails without making too many actions in your mailbox. All your available subscriptions are shown in one single screen where you can easily choose which of them you want to unsubscribe from. This minimizes your efforts offering easy management of your mailbox.

Auto Clean: The biggest problem arises when you continue receiving emails and other marketing stuff you don’t want to get anymore. It may be very annoying to delete similar emails each time they enter your inbox. The simple solution is to automate this process and set up rules explaining how to proceed new incoming emails from certain senders, for instance, delete them, or archive, star, etc.

However, you need to keep in mind that initially you can use this service for free only for managing 1000 emails. If you want to try premium features, you will need to upgrade your account buying at least a monthly subscription.

So, if you really want to keep your mailbox clean, organized, and safe from spam messages, you are recommended to try Clean Email. As it is not an email service provider, you can easily use it along with any of the mailing services you are currently using in your desktop or smartphone. The service is also available for iOS, Android, and MacOS users.

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