It's unfortunate what girlfriends are drawn through if their partner is caught cheating. After the shock, confusion, and frustration, it leaves them wondering why men cheat. Whatever the reply is, it doesn't make it right. Nonetheless, occasionally from time to time a truthful response will help heal individuals who have been hurt. Here are several accounts why men cheat.

Thinks your relationship has ended anyways
At times, he could consider that the relationship is done anyways. So whether he gets caught, it doesn't matter to him.

The clear excuse is for sex, even though he was receiving it from his companion. Men can want sex in various positions and diverse ways than their girlfriend gives them. So cheating with someone is his strategy for getting sex the way in which he desires it.
It can also be that having sex with someone newly met is a lot more exhilarating. Our fantasies will be the biggest contributor with regards to making sex good, so the idea of getting sex with someone fresh is exactly what gets his heart beating.

Some men cheat as a result of a big head. They actually are obsessed with themselves, and making love with someone new is what strokes their ego. A huge ego is the thing that quenches his lust and intercourse is the vehicle when you get there, or even an extra bonus to getting their ego stroked.

Made him be ok with himself
The want to feel needed and desired can make anyone feel better about who they are. Sometimes the motivating factor isn't sex, but the essential need for feeling loved.
Connected to the topic might be that he needs to know that women still think he's attractive. He's wondering if he continues to have the power to seduce women and sleep with them.

Made him feel confident
If self-assurance can make him feel masculine, it might be an explanation why he cheats. Some men only feel manly if they are confident. Sometimes the reason why he has sex can be a mental one.
The other side of the issue is he feels insecure about himself. Someone who is able to lead him to feel confident about himself, especially someone attempting to make love with him, can be a weakness that is enough to tempt him.

Spur of the moment
Men can usually do stupid things, and unexpected decisions don't really match well with bad ones.

Attempted to have something he couldn't get earlier
Men are more likely to desiring sex than women and don't consider other aspects in terms of who they will have sex with. Sometimes the one he cheated with may have reminded him of an ex-girlfriend he knew in life, and sleeping together with her is his way he lives out his dreams of receiving what he couldn't get in real life.

Specific fetish
Often his sexual libido can only be satisfied with a specific quirk, so if she had a certain fetish such as being a brunette, having long legs, or she was a red head, it could have been the reason he cheated with your ex.

Disappointed in his life
Occasionally it isn't too related with sex or ladies. At times cheating could be because he is sick and tired or disappointed with everyday life. Sex with someone different is often a resolution to fulfill his dissatisfaction in his life.

Is under the impression that he's safe
In his head, if she never knows about it, it couldn't hurt her. This is what he feels to justify his cheating. Sometimes the correct decisions aren't established merely on whether someone gets hurt, but on honesty and decency.

Looking to impress the guys
He may do it thinking he wants to tell his friends. It could be ridiculous, but stupid men can occasionally cheat only for the bragging rights.

Can't settle down and commit
Sadly, some men don't put that much concentration on relationships. The truth is they put more importance on intercourse and other parts in life. So sleeping around to them makes perfect sense. He never was relationship material to enter off with, and thinking he'll stay loyal is similar to expecting a cat to try out fetch.

An ambition to get along with as many women because they can
For many guys, their target is to sleep with as many women as they can get away with. So when an opportunity presents itself to make love with someone new, they do it.

Gets easily bored with the same partner
There are many guys who don't comprehend the thought that a fantastic sex life is grown, and may take communication and trial and error with the same woman. Their belief of a good sexual experience could be the adrenaline they get if there's the potential of being with someone new, and solely someone new may give them that rush. As fallout, they destroy their relationship.

No standards
To him, disloyalty, cheating, and misleading women aren't wrong or they're at the low end in his moral scale. He just doesn't state his true beliefs because he knows that he'll never find a partnership unless he keeps his mouth shut.

Surely these explanations have helped you find the reasons as to why some men can't be loyal. Trustfully it has ministered healing on the torment that's been done. Remember, the very best revenge in everyday life is to live a wonderful life.

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