Skin tags appear on the skin and grow at varied rates, ending up in sizes that differ from one person to another. People may opt not to have their skin tags removed if it is found out that the skin tags are not dangerous at all. It is for cosmetic purposes that many people are seeking to have their skin tags removed. Often, some skin tags also grow quite big and become itchy. Skin tags become itchy as they increase in size as they are constantly rubbing against clothes, and other surfaces.

You can choose between removing your skin tags yourself or you can go to a doctor and have him treat the skin tags for you through some treatments. If you are going to handle the problem on your own, you must be knowledgeable about the treatments and how your skin - and the skin tags - will react to them. Ideally, this would be best for skin tags on their initial growth stage. Seek a doctor if your skin tags are a bit on the larger side and you do not feel too confident about dealing with it all by yourself.

Bleeding is not really rampant among smaller skin tags, especially, so you can simply make use of home remedies as skin tag removal methods. Medical treatment by a doctor becomes more necessary in the case of big tags, which do tend to bleed out if the skin tag removal method is not conducted very well. Then again, this approach will depend on where the skin condition is located. Some skin tags grow in parts of the body that cannot be treated by home remedies and would require the expertise of a doctor and the preciseness of a medical treatment.

Skin tag removal at home is actually less expensive than medical treatments, which explains why many people go that route. Side effects are kept to a minimum or completely eliminated since you will be making use of natural products that are mostly made from food sources (plants and animals), which is perfect if you are also keeping to a budget. It is very easy to find the products that are needed, such as castor oil and tea tree oil, lemon, vinegar, garlic, and the like. These home remedies are highly effective in eliminating skin tags regardless of the fact that you may have to apply the treatment for a longer period of time. They also rejuvenate the skin while ridding it of the tags.

Conversely, dealing with small tags can also be done using modern medical skin tag treatment, but this is common with the large skin tags. Surgery is one of the two more common treatments under this category. It can produce fast results, but it can also weigh quite heavily on the pockets. Lasik technology is often applied in these instances. But there are other more painless procedures available, including freezing. Nevertheless, the healing duration will vary depend on the surgical approach one takes, so consult with the doctor about all options. Medicines can be prescribed by doctors, and this is considered to be a cheap skin tag removal method that will solve your skin tag problems in a short period of time.

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