Those embarrassing flare ups or ongoing problems where red spots, blotches, or skin irritation can leave you feeling like there is no hope for improvement. New products are now available to help reduce redness on the face and keep it from coming back.

Signs of Redness

Some people have skin that is more sensitive than others to certain elements or environments. There are some key signs that you have some common skin redness conditions:

Temperature changes – if your skin breaks out during extreme cold or heat, it could be more sensitive than normal to fluctuations in temperature.

Humidity – some skin can dry out much faster in dry climates and may have redness flare ups, itching, or dry patches on the face, neck, chest or shoulders.

Airborne particles – there are all types of particles floating around us, and some people have skin that is more susceptible to these particles. Your skin can be exposed to dust, dirt, perfumes, sprays, cleaning chemicals and other particles that could cause a reaction.

Seasonal allergies – during pollen season some people experience more redness on their skin. Since your skin breathes, it can react to pollen as much as your sinuses or lungs.

Makeup and skin products – certain types of makeup or skin care products can cause redness on the skin, rashes, red spots and other problems. Pay close attention to the products that you use to determine if your skin might be sensitive.

Stress – people who are nervous or anxious can have redness flare ups on their skin. For some this can be a natural reaction that fades quickly, but for others the symptoms of stress can linger for days, weeks or even months.

Heredity – some people are simply born with redness on the skin. Capillaries form closer to the surface and have a tendency to show up more easily for these people. In some cases you can grow out of the problem, and some people may not experience redness issues until their teens.

The challenges of skin redness can cause some people to be hesitant to socialize or enjoy normal activities. You can buy anti redness cream that can help to reduce redness and help you to live a more normal life.

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