Bypass Surgery: the name is enough to insight a sense of emotional strain in the person diagnosed with the same. The people awaiting their coronary artery bypass surgery go through several mental stresses and fears regarding the whole procedure. Most of these fears arise from an incomplete knowledge of the entire situation and its wrong assessment on their part.

Doctors at some of the best heart hospitals in India hence stress over the importance of all-round awareness of the treatment and other technicalities involved as the patient’s emotional stress also affect their chances of recovery.

Therefore, here are some of the mandatory questions patients must remember to ask before undergoing the procedure:


Knowing the whole surgery is the first step toward alleviating their fears and insecurities regarding the whole process. You must understand what a bypass surgery is in reality.

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is done to repair and allow the natural passage of blood through the damaged vessels. It is usually done by grafting the blood vessels of your legs, mammary parts, chest and transplanted to the area where your heart’s blood vessels are damaged or blocked. The process is safe and done under the expert supervision of expert surgeons of best heart hospitals in India.


The coronary artery is the primary source of carrying oxygenated blood to the heart. Hence, the surgery becomes mandatory to those who experience blockage in this supply due to vessel’s blockage or damage. The operation is done to relieve the patients out of the excessive chest pain, irregular heartbeats or breathing difficulties. Patients must know what their issue is to prepare themselves and calm their nerves down.


Some bypass surgeries have complications because of the extent of the damage done already. Hence, patients are likely to experience some of the negative results such as bleeding, wound infections, clotting of the blood, nerve damage, accelerated or reduced heartbeats, kidney failure, heart attacks. Patients must know these factors and then make their final call.


The preparation is both physical as well as mental. The patients must prepare themselves mentally by availing proper counselling and help from your surgeon. Please don’t go on searching and googling through several internet sites as they are usually based on uncertified researches and statistics. Ask your doctor about everything and know what needs to be done. For physically preparing yourself, you can consult your doctor and brief him about your medical history, allergies, family history, hereditary diseases, your doubts and financial health.


Bypass Surgeries usually take six weeks for recovery and during this period, you need to take extra precaution in treating your wounds better. However, the recovery may take a longer time depending upon your age factor.
As a patient, you are expected to:

  • Keep checking your incision for puffiness, redness, swelling and infections. In case of any problem, consult your doctor straight.
  • Avoid stress and strain as your mental state affects the circulation of blood throughout.
  • Cut fatty food, sugar and other coagulative items off your diet and strictly follow a healthy eating routine.
  • Take a healthy dose of sleep and rest until and unless the doctor advises otherwise.
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