Sunrays have already been considered not too good when it comes to skin and 1 of the major source leading to some harmful diseases.

Recently a research has been done with almost 1,000 parents with their children aged 11 or younger.

Done by Met office and NHS England the research showed that, half of the parents think that turning brown for children is good.

Half said that they motivate their children to tan and half allowed them to use sun beds.

Half of the parents said that they ask their child to remove their tops in order to avoid the tan lines.

Half of them said that they only allow their child to put sunscreen when they turn red due to the rays.

The rays of the sun that harms the skin, thus forcing the skin protect itself is known as sun tan.

The skin gets darker due to the melanin produced when the the skin is exposed to the sun, making the skin absorb more radiation.

So, continuous expose of the sKin in sun may lead to some harmful diseases such as cancer of skin.

One should apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 minimum.
People specially infants have got much tender skin and those of 5 months should not be exposed to the sun directly.

Children in U.K should cover themselves specially between
March – October.

They should be in shade for the time between 11-15.00.
Sunrays can even damage the skin when its cloudy, so people should never take any risk with their children.
Met office meteorologist also said – that children should always protect their child, they should never take any risk when the question is of skin cancer.

Met office also provides with the UV forecast on its site, so parents can also go through it she said.
Doctors normally recommend to apply the sunscreen when exposed to the sun for more than 15 min.

Dr Nigel from England said- people should never expose them to sun in access though it’s a good source of vitamin D.

Various other doctors have also suggested that one can take good advantages when it comes to a protected sun tan.

So, it’s quiet clear that sun can provide the skin with several nutrition only and only if its not been absorbed in access by the skin.

Suntan is the result which is quiet visible in your skin showing that in order to protect itself the skin gets darker.

When it comes to infants one should always take care of a proper time frame while exposing their children to the sun.

“Anything in excess is harmful”

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