Meet Antony Foley, the Chief Executive Officer, who holds a consistent track record of achieving aggressive business objectives and impacting change & growth at Parsec Labs. He is an accomplished and proven leader with a history of the building growing & sustaining businesses in the hi-tech arena.

Founded in 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Parsec Labs is the first complete storage portability solution that gives you the freedom to move, copy and keep data anywhere. Parsec Enterprise Data Portability is a unique single product for large scale migrations. With extremely flexible configurations; it adapts to suit your migration needs and lets you optimize your storage.

Learning Responsibilities in Life

Tony was fortunate to experience considerable success (relatively speaking) when he was in his late 20s. He sold a business in the UK (for a modest sum), and a part of the deal included a move to San Francisco. He expanded the operation to Los Angeles. Things couldn’t be better for Tony, and he moved back to the UK 3 three years later where he opened his own business employing 15 people. He thought he had the Midas touch. Far from it, the business bombed, and he came down to earth with a bang. Tony put the company into administration, and 15 people lost their jobs. He lost his house. He would like to blame market conditions, but he couldn’t. Tony had only himself to blame. It was a humbling experience. He had to pick up a bag once again and go out and earn a living with one child and one on the way. That learning and newly found responsibility changed his life forever.

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