There is a wide variety of anti-anxiety drugs for the treatment of anxiety disorders, ranging from benzodiazepines to antidepressants and beta-blockers. Although these medications can prove to be really effective in the short-term (run for the) treatment of anxiety, but at the same time, it is important to be aware of the risks attached to these drugs. Anti-anxiety medications, also known as sedatives, are amongst the most abused drugs as these can be obtained both legally (, via) with prescription and illegally in the (through the) black market.

Anti-anxiety drugs work by slowing down the central nervous system. It is because of their highly calming and relaxing effects that these anti-anxiety drugs have become so popular. These are also prescribed as sleeping pills and muscle relaxants. However, drugs for treating anxiety can also cause some unpleasant and dangerous side-effects. Anti-anxiety drugs are highly (physically) addictive and hence are also habit forming. Once started on its intake, it becomes quite difficult to stop the usage, (once started) because your body gets highly dependent on them.

Addiction caused by the anti-anxiety drugs may be of two types: drug ‘abuse’ and drug ‘dependence’. Abuse is a less severe form of addiction which can cause problems with work, school or other everyday activities which require mental concentration such as reading or driving. Abuse disorder can (cultivate) lead to symptoms such as feeling of frustrations and disturbing elements in a person who gets used to such sedatives and he is likely to turn argumentative.

Gradually, this drug ‘abuse’ can escalate into a more severe form of addiction i.e. ‘dependence’. Dependence in this context refers to very high levels of physiological dependence having both tolerance and dependence symptoms. If the anti-anxiety drugs are consumed over a long period of time, the body develops tolerance against them and gradually the needs for increased doses of depressants is felt by the body. ‘Withdrawal’ is another dependence syndrome that develops due to the abrupt stoppage or severe reduction (of such) in the intake of anti- anxiety drugs. The condition may lead to increased body temperature, insomnia, nausea and restlessness.

Intoxication is also one of the significant problems that arise shortly after the use of anti-anxiety medication. Intoxication leads to certain psychological changes such as aggressive behavior, impaired judgment, mood swings, impaired work or social functioning and memory impairment that resemble alcoholic blackouts.

Besides their sedating properties, anti-anxiety drugs also cause paradoxical excitement. It can lead to severe paradoxical reactions such as hostility, rage, mania, impulsive behavior and hallucinations.

Hence, the tranquilizing anti-anxiety drugs are relatively safe when taken occasionally and in small and appropriate doses. One can buy Ativan 1mg online from Ativan Lorazepam Online which is a specialized internet pharmacy dealing in anti-anxiety medication. Ativan 2 mg online, which is used for the short-term anxiety treatment, can also be ordered from the same. The advantage of this online pharmacy is that one can buy cheap Ativan online without prescription.

However, the bottom line is that anxiety medications can be helpful but these drugs should be taken only in the limited quantity and after consulting the physicians.

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