Antibiotics are both a blessing and a curse. There is no doubt that they have saved many lives and almost eliminated death from "older" common bacterial infections. However, they have been over prescribed from the beginning and this has caused two very different and very serious problems:

Many bacteria have mutated to resist particular antibiotics. The result is that antibiotics are starting to lose the war against bacterial infections. People are dying every day of these mutated bacteria, and because MD's have been "educationally handicapped" by Big Pharma, they lack the following information, and can't help.

The overuse of antibiotics and the incomplete knowledge by most M.D.'s about necessary friendly gut bacteria, has resulted in much of our population having yeast and other problems. In addition, the "intrinsic" factor which helps transfer B12 from the gut into the blood is cut down along with vitamin K, as both these are actually manufactured in the human gut by these friendly bacteria. Vitamin K is the precursor to both the hormones that clot the blood and keep it from clotting. (Abram Hoffer and I once discussed this in relation to the percentage of deaths from arterial clots today compared to deaths prior to the discovery of penicillin).

Big Pharma Antibiotics are made from yeast/fungus/mold. They kill bacteria but, being made from fungus, they do not attack those cells, so this results in an imbalance in the gut. This imbalance is what causes Candida, and other "overgrowth" of yeast, fungus, and mold. This greatly reduces the production of vitamin K, and thus reduces the hormones that clot and unclot the blood. In addition, there is an "intrinsic" factor made in the gut that is used to transport the complex molecule of B12 from the gut into the bloodstream, and this imbalance causes less B12 getting into the body where it is needed. (Did you know that a lack of B12 causes high blood pressure in women. Most MD's don't.)

What are the alternatives? Vitamin C and Colloidal Silver!

These two very effective antibiotics that most people aren't even aware of, can work even better than Big Pharma types. There is no patent on either. So, no huge profit, and as a matter of fact, if everybody knew about them, Big Pharma could lose billions. Big Pharma hires MD "prostitutes" to write phony stories about both to discourage this knowledge from the public, and MD's. Vitamin C (in correct amounts) is by far the cheapest and best for daily "preventative" use. Because it exits the body mostly via the kidneys and urine, so it doesn't affect the gut bacteria, and even there, it affects both bacteria and yeast, so the "balance" is maintained. (For more info on this go to

Colloidal Silver is the answer to these "new" resistant bacteria, and if used may be the only thing to prevent death in most such cases. For an external wound, simply soak the bandage in CS, and keep it wet on the wound. Supplement with a tablespoon or so by mouth twice a day.The "story" that taking CS will turn you blue is not only exaggerated, but may be false. I've taken up to 5 tablespoons a day without the slightest problem. (Another lie from Big Pharma)?

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Phil Bate PhD is a retired Orthomolecular Psychologist
And a pioneer in many new Alternate Health therapies.
He is the inventor of Neuroliminal Training that is
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