When my daughter sees a dog or a playground or anything she’s come to associate with joy, she goes into full body excitement mode, in complete anticipating of the fun she’s about to have. Big smile, squealing, legs kicking, arms flailing and pointing … the fun begins before we even pet the dog or get on a slide.

It’s amazing and inspiring.

If only we adults, could see life as the anticipation of joy then we would know how to play while we live.
I was inspired to jot this down after speaking with a friend who is expecting baby number 2 in a few short weeks. I thought about the pure joy experienced once my daughter was born and the energy of love gave me all the fuel I needed to make it through the marathon.

Now that I know what’s it like, I would worry less and anticipate the joy more. I wish to express this message to all woman who are thinking about having children and those expecting their first, above everything else, it’s all joy. Worry less, relish in the anticipation of the most creative, courageous and rewarding adventure of your life….

Author's Bio: 

Anne Marie Daniolos is single mother to a delicious baby girl who is commitment to inspiring individuals and humanity to reach it's full potential.