The Antilles High School in Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico, is a regular high school which caters for students studying at 9th to 12th grade. It is regulated by the Department of Defense.
The teacher to student ratio is relatively small, making individualized attention more possible. In fact the school caters for an average of 400 to 500 students.
The school provides a vast curriculum of both academic and extracurricular subjects, which aim to provide a sound educational background to the students.

Subjects Taught

In fact, there are various other subjects, apart from the usual ones, taught at this school. Some of these include:

Health Education
Visual Arts
Although most students attending Antilles High School are native Spanish speakers, mainly from Puerto Rico, the official language that is used for tuition is English.

Methods of Assessment and Graduation

The methods of assessment are outlined very clearly and demonstrate the school’s emphasis on the need to help students perform as best as possible. A points system is used so as to classify students’ efforts better. Upon this grades are also assigned. Regular assessments are carried out, as well as semester examinations.
Such standardized tests are given importance in the curriculum that Antilles High School follows. In fact this school runs under the DoDEA assessment program and curriculum. The Department of Defense Education Activity is renowned for its mission to provide educational programs specialized for students residing in military communities.
Successful students receive a diploma at the end of their studies. Both the school and the certification provided are renowned, and several alumni have managed to acquire professional careers. The graduates’ rates is also relatively high.

Ensuring success for all students is the predominant mission of the school. Every effort is made to ensure this, as can be seen from the level of commitment of staff, and the personal community feeling that exists. This aspect is commented about by parents and students, as well as graduates. In fact reunions happen often, and there are even specialized sites which cater for alumni reunions, social gatherings and other activities too.

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Antilles High School is regulated by the Department of Defense educational activity and curriculum. An overview of the school, its policies and procedures, curriculum and other relevant matters can be found on the official school website, and in directories which feature a high school search.