Antioxidants - Natural Ways to Reduce Cholesterol

• Free Radicals

Free radicals participate in most if not all human disease. Start immediately to reduce the amount of free radicals in your body as possible. We have already discussed this above as stop smoking, eliminate alcohol consumption, reduce fats and sugars etc.

• Antioxidants (from food sources)

“In the USA, heart and blood vessel diseases account for almost half of all deaths, and about another one quarter. The opportunities to control diseases like these through micronutrients is, perhaps, the most exciting prospect for preventive medicine in the coming decade.” William A. Pryor, PhD Director of biodynamics Institute at the Louisiana State University. “In the case of heart disease, antioxidants significantly slow and even prevent atherosclerosis.” Dr. John McDougall MD

• Antioxidant Vitamins

Vitamin C – In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences vitamin C as reported by the researchers “is the most effective… antioxidant in the human blood plasma…” and “of major importance for the protection against f.r.e.e radical formation”. Vitamin C has also been shown to lower cholesterol by 12 percent at 2 grams per.

Vitamin E – It is interesting to note that vegetarians are known to have more vitamin E in there bodies as non-vegetarians. It is just as interesting to note that there is a lower instance of heart disease (in all disease for that matter) in vegetarians. Researchers from other studies found that the clearest predictor of death due to heart disease was provided by the level of vitamin E in the bloodstream. Two hundred milligrams of dry vitamin E taken daily has been shown to lower total cholesterol by 15 percent in four weeks.

Niacin - (vitamin B3) has been used by doctors for years to lower cholesterol and triglycerides. Reductions of 20 to 25 percent have been shown with 2000 to 3000 mg of niacin daily. Warning; do not take niacin without doctor supervision – high doses of niacin could product severe and unwanted side effects.

Beta-Carotene - (two Vitamin A’s joined together) The latest research shows that supplemental beta-carotene could have an adverse effect in high doses. However natural beta-carotene from fresh vegetables has been shown to surround each of your cells and protect them from f.r.e.e radicals. You can see the beta-carotene in the orange colored fruits and vegetables like cantaloupe carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes but it is also in the dark green leafy vegetables, you just can’t see it on the account of the dark green chlorophyll present.

Zinc – Even though zinc has shown to lower HDL cholesterol new studies have shown zinc supplements may increase a risk of heart disease.

Fiber – As previously discussed all forms of fiber is a good addition to your diet. Water-soluble fiber in the form of legumes, barley, oats, brown rice, dried beans and some fruits all act as a sponge and not only lower cholesterol but pull it from the body.

Charcoal – for all your grilling fanatics out there I don’t advise to pick up your bag of Kingsford grilling bricks and start chomping away. But the formation of controlled burning of an organic material such as wood and is then exposed to steam at high temperatures thus becomes “Activated”. Activated charcoal is highly absorbent, safe, odorless, taste-less and effectively lowers cholesterol. It has been shown that a 27 percent drop in cholesterol was observed when 8 grams of activated powdered charcoal was ingested three times a day for four weeks.

Garlic – A review of garlic in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that cholesterol is lowered by 9 percent if one half of one clove of garlic is taken daily. Garlic powder of 800 mg per day has shown to lower cholesterol on average of about 30 points. Garlic is also known to lower blood pressure and improves blood flow by reducing the thickness of the blood. Allicin a sulfur containing compound is its primary ingredient.

Gugulipid – comes from a tree native to India and has been used in their healing systems for centuries. There are mixed studies in western medicine if gugulipid is effective or not.

Ginko Biloba – has been used by the Chinese healers for thousands of years. It is also used widely by physicians today in Germany and France. Its results are an increase in blood flow and a decrease in the thickness of the blood. It has been shown that 40mg three times a day is expected and must continue for four to six weeks to see any benefits.

Capsaicin – Red pepper has been shown to reduce blood clotting there by reducing the risk of a blood clot forming in the artery and causing a heart attack.

Let us never forget that...

“Cardiovascular Disease claims more lives each year than the next five leading causes of death combined” John J. Pippin MD director of cardiovascular medicine at Cooper Clinic Dallas TX.

Base your diet around foods that are Fresh, Natural, Pure, Whole and Organic. Limit processed foods and you should never have to measure, count, cut anything and you can eat as much as you want.

“What God made no man can improve on” Dr. Bernard Jensen

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