Ants to Grasshoppers

With the June 26th Lunar Eclipse/Grand Cardinal Cross of last Summer, a window of opportunity opened for each one of us. And, while it is many months later, the window is still wide open and the energy is intensifying as many more astrological aspects unique to this time have also added their own flavor to the mix. While many astrologers have been writing about this time for many years in anticipation of what was to happen, and with the expectations of tremendous trials and tribulations on the planet, which is true from one perspective, I’m seeing it from a different point of view.

The Grand Cardinal Cross created enough tension through its 12 squares and multiple planetary oppositions to trigger the opening. It is as if a lens has opened up to the entire planet offering us an entirely new view of the Universe. This ‘window to the Universe’ is allowing us to see, feel, and experience our lives on a larger scale, and one that has made us a part of the Universe in a new way, or at the very least, a way that we haven’t experienced in a very long time. It’s a new ray of sunshine that’s beaming its invitation into our Hearts and minds. Now all we need to do, individually and collectively, is to harness and use that sunshine to transform our lives and our Planet into a new level of existence.

With transformation comes great upheaval, and for many, this can be an unsettling time as we watch, and experience our outer material world transform as well. This new ray of sunshine is also beaming a focused spotlight into the dark recesses of hidden agendas, corporate greed, religious dogma and hierarchy used to manipulate the masses and innocent children. All of the misdeeds of the tyrannical patriarchal system that we’ve lived under for thousands of years will continue to be exposed so that it can be replaced by something new and better.

Our large corporate, religious and societal structures must be transformed, and this is where many will have the most difficult time adjusting. We as a people, and a species can no longer rely on these organizations to take care of us. We are not children that need to be taken care of, told what to do, and used like slaves to benefit the few at the top. The pyramid schemes of the past must go in order to make way for people everywhere to self-govern and create community whereby everyone benefits, not just the few.

In America, a pyramid scheme is illegal, yet our government structure has become exactly this. In concept, and based on what our founding fathers intended, the United States was to be a self-governing democracy by the People and for the People, however somewhere along the way, our power was slyly taken away while we were not paying attention. Well, it is time to turn off the TV and start to pay attention to what’s really going on now.

The old must die in order for the new to be reborn, it is the way of Nature, and we are experiencing a tremendous opportunity to be reborn in every way. While the chaos continues on the outside, the seeds of tomorrow have been sown and are getting ready to sprout. It is our job to take gentle care of the seeds so that they can grow and prosper into a healthy and abundant harvest.

With this new energy openly available to each one of us, the opportunity is there to take control of our lives, our countries and our Planet again. Think back to the fundamental message of the animated movie, “A Bugs Life” and compare it to life today on Planet Earth. It’s exactly the same story, except it’s not a movie, but real life, and We the People are the Ants. Six billion plus Ants on Planet Earth, and a handful of Grasshoppers using us in the very same manner, and it would almost be funny, if it weren’t true.

The very things that you covet are tools by which the Grasshoppers control you to keep playing their game. The TV with its dumbing-down reality shows, hyperactively distracting sports events, and tragedy-filled news, are the vehicles that are utilized to keep you in suspended animation throughout your life.

If the Grasshoppers can keep you distracted with their slight-of-hand and hypnotic tactics, you’ll continue to slave at work to pay for their yachts, luxurious vacations, and many houses, while they steal your money and suck you dry to the very end of your life. From early childhood to old age, we are hypnotized by the incessant commercials and media hype through social stereotyping into buying products, services, and prescription medications that are manufactured by the conglomerates that the Grasshoppers own.

Wake up to the New World Order, and look around to see where, and just exactly how your pursuit of happiness and a life of liberty fit into the Grasshoppers grand plan. It shouldn’t take you long to figure out that the pittance the Grasshoppers allow you to keep from your hard days work, is nowhere near enough for your happiness, or your life of liberty. Both of which no longer truly exist, except in the form of a dangled carrot.

You can continue to believe that the land of the free still offers unlimited opportunity and freedom, but you will only be fooling yourself. If you do still believe this, then you are sleepwalking through your life, hypnotized by the paid-for-media, and have not done your homework. Go back and read The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Then go read the Patriot Act. Now wake up as to how the world is being ruled by a small band of Grasshoppers that own the banks, the pharmaceuticals, the agricultural giants, the media, and all the houses that Jack built.

The truth is out there in plain sight, you only need to have the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it, and I guarantee that you won’t find it on the TV or in the newspaper.

No matter what the struggle, there is always a solution. We are being handed the grand plan solution via the new source energy that is now pouring onto our beautiful planet, and into our hearts and our minds. Stop and listen closely to hear the call of the cosmos to join her in a life of true freedom and abundance. Open your Hearts and minds to create community where you live, create new opportunities for those around you by talking with your friends, families and neighbors as to how you can create sustainable living solutions for everyone. The key to success in overcoming the struggles we face now will be in living more simply and in harmony with Nature, as you can’t eat your TV, laptop or cell phone, now can you?

The technology for free electricity, power to heat your homes, even running cars on water, yes you read that right, water, already exists. We don’t need the power plants, the energy corporations, or the gas companies, and certainly not the petroleum industry. And the Grasshoppers don’t want you to know these things, because when enough people find out, the game is up and their house of cards collapses.

Get going, get together with others, get innovative and get creative to find the solutions. I think that there’s more than enough unemployed Americans with the extra time on their hands now to figure these things out. Oh, and if you do have any money left, get it out of the bank and stuff it under your mattress before the Grasshoppers steal that from you too.

We will only continue to be slaves to the Grasshoppers as long as we choose to be, as you see, we really are free, as no one can control your heart and mind. That is, as long as you don’t allow it. Let’s let the Grasshoppers go live on Mars, or better yet go the way of the Dodo bird. This would be one case of species extinction that I for one wouldn’t feel sad about.

From one Ant to another, I salute the divinity within you, and I wish you all the courage and creativity required to begin building a new world, where every living creature upon her, has plenty of food to eat, clean water to drink, a home to call their own, and joy in their hearts as they watch their children play with the vision of a happy, healthy future that lay ahead of them.

Here are a couple of links to help you find the truth, the Grasshoppers, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

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Rebecca Cherry is the Founder of Tickled Pink Productions, Workshop & Retreat Leader and ‘Isabella & The Faeries’ Author. As the creator of the RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine Courses & Workshops, Cherry is a leading expert on topics of living a life full of Passion and Abundance Creation.

Born highly intuitive, and with a knowing acceptance of all people, Rebecca grew up enjoying a close connection to Mother Earth and Nature. At the age of 15, she began studying a wide range of esoteric subjects, and by the age of twenty had expanded her focus to include studying The Science of the Subconscious Mind, taught by a Professor at the UCLA Brain Institute, The Course of Miracles, Past Life Regression Therapy, Meditation, Iridology, Reflexology and a variety of Energetic Healing modalities.

Rebecca studied under three Master Intuitive Teachers both in Los Angeles and New York, further fine-tuning her intuitive talents and energetic healing abilities. She continued over the years to compliment her expanding view of the healing arts through continued study and integration of the Akashic Records, Western Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Feng Shui, Crystal and Gem Therapy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Amino Acid Therapy and Nutritionally-based cleansing health and techniques.

Rebecca’s innate intuitive and healing abilities, extensive knowledge and combined expertise create a cohesive and unique new system she calls Integrated Energetics. She offers an extensive menu of Akashic Record readings, Energetic Clearing and Balancing techniques, and working with reprogramming the subconscious mind with supportive beliefs that are in alignment with your Heart’s desire.

Her comprehensive and gentle approach offers the divinely inspired guidance to assist others in transforming their lives into the one they not only desire, but also the one they are divinely destined to live.



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