today, I would like to talk about easy ways of meditation to lower anxiety and stress. In fact, there are simple ways to "block out" your mental state which causes you continuous stress. Just relax. The keyword for the exclusion of stress is really relaxation. Relaxation is not only intended for your body. It is also for your mind and your spirit. You can get relaxation, for example, by observing a candle light. If you look at it for a few minutes, you will feel how your body starts relaxing. Then your mind will follow and so will your spirit. You can simply watch the light and think of how a small candle light can lighten up a dark room Then you can think of how much a small light is able to warm up its environment. And you can go on and on thinking of what a little and small light is able to do. It enlightens your way, it gives you the power to not fall in the darkness, or to get on your feet again, should you have fallen in the dark.
If you think of other lights that are important in the life of many, like a lighthouse which shows ships their direction. Or think of the lights of a car which allow you to follow the road. They will conduct you on your way to your destination. Lights are great helps. Think of them and let them help you. Be grateful for that small light which lights up your way, or if it's a candle, gives your spirit serenity. Even little things can help you get out of the darkness of anxiety. Maybe that the beam of light is showing the road for a short moment only, but it is a sign that, life is not meant to be darkness, stress and anxiety. Life is meant to be full of light, calmness, serenity and joy.
We all need light to live. If you shut light out of your life, you are not doing any favor to yourself. Think of the light given the earth by the sun.The sun gives its light to everybody and everything. Think of this great light as a central source of life. You can meditate with the sun light, but protect your eyes and never look directly into the sun.
You see you can take various forms of light in order to meditate and to illuminate your way out of the darkness of anxiety and stress.

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I am Swiss lady living in Switzerland where I am a professional translator and a coach and author. With my clients, I use EFT, EmoTrance, Meditation, SpringForestQiGong, QuickRemap, Agegate-Therapy. I have written an ebook that helps people get rid of their anxiety and panic-attacks. It's called Anxiety, Goodbye!