Are you having panic attacks? If you are experiencing periods of severe stress in which you feel sick, shaky and super anxious than you likely are. The worst thing about having these panic attacks is that they come on out of nowhere, don't they?

And when they do come on, they create a disaster for both your mind and your body at the same time. The way that the frightening episode rampages through your mind makes each second feel like hours while you sit and wait for the anxiety attack to lose steam.

Before it does slow down though, you have to deal with those physical symptoms. All of that adrenaline that is flying through your veins makes you feel physically sick. Your body is preparing to fight or flee the situation, and this surge in your body is what creates those uncomfortable symptoms that you feel.

Anxiety disorders are very common these days, and individuals who have them generally have these attacks frequently. After getting panic attacks for a period of time, it is safe to say that you do have a disorder that needs to be reckoned with.

Living in constant fear from anxiety and panic attacks is no way to live. You have options available that will help you stop anxiety quickly so you can live a normal life again. You don't have to change your life anymore because anxiety is ruining your day.

It can ruin many of your days though, as you sit and wait to have the next attack which can come out of the blue. Also, it is very normal for you to have more panic attacks once you start having them, because they generally do not disappear on their own.

Nobody knows exactly what causes the attacks. Stress, genes and environment may play a part in anxiety for some people and may not for others. It is important to keep in mind that having an anxiety disorder does not have to be a permanent fixture in your life.

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And so you shouldn't let it be. The best way to find out how to cure anxiety is to realize that you have it.

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