Two of the common negative feelings anyone would experience are anxiety and stress. These negative emotions are considered psychological in nature. There are ways to tackle them practically and sensibly.

First of all it would be an advantage to find out what causes your stress and anxiety. These emotions often go together and are almost identical in symptoms. Here are possible solutions and answers to your problem.

What to Do

Be exact in your thoughts. Process your thoughts clearly and find out why they are causing you these problems. Look into your inner self and examine what feelings are deep inside you. Note them down.

Then sort out these feelings based on what you have written. Try to gauge if you can deal with these problems positively. Take out problems which you think are just based on your negative thoughts. Immediately solve minor problems which you can deal with at the moment.

Talk about your problems with someone you trust like family members, close friends, or a parish priest. You can also avail of professional help if you feel you need it. Talking about your anxiety and stress would somehow help ease out these problems out of your system.

Accept Life

Stress and anxiety (the Danish term for both is angst ) come to you if you let them so. It all starts with your attitude about life in general. It should be an attitude of looking at life in the most practical way. Face reality and accept what life has to offer- challenges, problems, happiness and sadness. This is basically what life is all about.

Don’t be too serious about life. Be forgiving when you commit mistakes. It’s just that you must adapt as much as you can to situations presented to you. Life is not perfect and you just have to accept that head on. Stop blaming yourself if things don’t work or come up to your expectations. Learn to let go and let these experiences be your lessons to do better the next time around.

If you feel stressed out, listen to happy music as it can relax you. Watch TV and go back to watching cartoons and interesting shows often. Surround yourself with things that make you happy like pictures of family and friends, good books and favorite toys. Keep yourself occupied with happy activities. If you have children then that is good. Kids are always happy and their happiness is contagious. It feels good to be a kid once again. It won’t hurt if you try this.

These solutions and answers may not be perfect all the time. But then they can work for you if you try to consider these in your life. The point in all this is that stress and anxiety are feelings that can be eliminated if you are really serious about doing it. Think that your life would be so much better without them. If you want to be happy, then think happy and everything else would follow through.

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I am a freelancer and I'm sincerely interested in psychology and the health of the mind. My articles are directed at the majority of people