If you are having a lot of really extreme anxiety that seems to come out of the blue you aren't alone. Panic attacks can come on for no reason, without any trigger and can leave you feeling frightened and wondering what to do.

They cause a lot of distress on your body and mind as the intense fear that you feel goes through your system. If you are lucky these attacks will be over very quickly, and if not you could have to deal with the anguish for an hour or more.

During that time you may feel a flushing of your skin and a pounding heart. This is not going to kill you at all, but it is very common for people who are having anxiety attacks to assume they are having some kind of heart attack and dying.

But you are not dying, far from it. You are having panic attacks and it is probably a safe bet that you have them often and have had them for a while now. An anxiety disorder is not deadly, but it is a real situation and will only go away once confronted.

You can only take so much of the headaches, shakiness and chest pain caused by your anxiety, so it is of the utmost importance that you find out how to cure anxiety and without medication if possible. Lucky for you, there are ways that you can treat panic and anxiety that work very well for many people.

The worst thing about anxiety attacks is how tired they make you feel after they are over. You are glad to be done with the ordeal, but now you have no energy and have to wonder when the next one will strike without warning. The bad news is that if you have one panic attack, you are very likely to keep having them until they are taken care of.

If you are over-stressed, this could also cause more attacks for you. Anxiety affects men, women and children and the triggers for an attack could be just about anything.

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The turmoil caused by panic attacks has been felt by many, and you are not alone. The best thing that you can do is to find out how to cure anxiety so that you can take control of your life before the scary thoughts get out of control.

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