Along with depression, anxiety is one of the most common mental, as well as emotional and physical, problems in today’s world. Emotional and physical was used above as both depression and anxiety is not always just a mental problem.

Like depression, anxiety is often something that affects someone’s whole being, not merely their mind. So if someone doesn’t struggle with anxiety, there is a strong chance that they know someone who does.

A Lot of Exposure

But even if they don’t know anyone who does, there is the chance that they will have heard about people that do. Through using social media, for instance, one may have come across a number of people that have anxiety problems.

Along with this, they may have heard a lot about the help that is available and what someone can do, if they do suffer from anxiety, whilst watching TV or listening to the radio. Undoubtedly, it is a lot easier to find support for mental and emotional problems than it was in the past.

Another Problem

However, although there is far more support available than perhaps there has ever been, the world of today is also very different to how it used to be. Due to what the modern-day world is like, it is very easy for someone to experience anxiety.

In a way, it could be said that the modern-day world is designed in such a way as to make people anxious. Therefore, even if someone does have access to the type of support that their ancestors wouldn’t have even dreamed of, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to feel at peace.

Living In the Right Way

Unlike certain illnesses, anxiety is not something that can be dealt with by taking a pill. And even if one does take a pill to help them with their anxiety, it doesn’t mean that they won’t end up replacing one issue with another or many more.

Unless one has experienced trauma and needs to resolve their trauma in order to settle down, the way for them to settle down will most likely be for them to live in the right way. And even if one is not in a good way due to trauma, they will still need to live in the right way after they have dealt with their trauma, to be able to have good mental and emotional health.

The External Problem

Except if one is ‘off the grid’ and is not part of mainstream society, they are likely to be exposed to things and use things that unsettle them. Ergo, while politicians can say that they are doing things to help people that suffer from mental and emotional problems; the society that they preside over is largely the reason why people are not in a good way.

These people can then send money in this direction and that direction, but this money is unlikely to transform society. Now, this is not to say that the average person is a powerless victim; no, what it means is that they will need to live in a certain way to be able to have good mental and emotional health.

A Closer Look

When it comes to the things in society that can unsettle ones inner world, there are numerous. Take the mainstream media, for instance, this is a source that is there to ‘inform people’.

In reality, its primary purpose is to manipulate people into seeing the world a certain way and to keep them in a state of fear. What makes this source even more dangerous is that it can now connect to people directly thanks to the invention of the Smartphone.

Knowing Too Much

With so much negativity being constantly drip-fed into someone’s mind, it is naturally going to be hard for them to feel at peace. But, even if someone doesn’t pay attention to this source of information, they can still be exposed to information on their Smartphone that will unsettle them.

For example, after looking through what their ‘friends’ have been doing, they can believe that they are missing out and believe that their life is not as good as anyone else’s. These two things alone can cause their anxiety levels to spiral out of control.

Another Outcome

Furthermore, through spending so much time using a Smartphone and other devices, one can spend very little time in their body. As a result of being in their head, it will be normal for them to feel disconnected, to worry, to be on edge and to experience a lack of stability.

For this to change, they would need to get back into their body, so that they can embrace the now and let go of what may or may not happen further down the line. Talking to people over a screen as opposed to in the real world is also going to mean that their nervous system won’t receive the human contact that it needs to regulate itself, thereby causing them to be emotionally starved and on edge.


There are, of course, many other factors involved here, such as the amount of sugar that is in so many food items and the overstimulation that prevents people from getting enough sleep and thus, making them irritable throughout the day. Taking this into account, if one wants to experience inner peace, it will be vital for them to be discerning when it comes to the information that they consume, to think about the effect that social media and their Smartphone is having on them, to be careful what they eat, and to get enough sleep.

Spending time in nature and around supportive people will help them to get back into their body and to get them out of their monkey mind. If they only live in their mind, it will be normal for them to be on edge and to get caught up in the dramas of the world.

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