Men might seem to be bold and fearless but it’s not all true is what researchers have been saying after a research that was conducted on men suffering from impotence.

Tough physical causes largely contribute to the problems; psychological problems do have their share. Right from apprehension to anxiety and nervousness, there are varied problems responsible for a men being unable to attain an erection.

A man who performs with pressure will never be able to enjoy and experience the pleasure from the intimacy. This makes pressure the felon in your romantic story.

The right understanding with the partner is also a must as it might build a comfort zone. It is also necessary to remember that one must not frame opinions and lose one’s self-esteem with a few failures initially. Disappointment can be disastrous. This is the reason why placebo effect has gained so much of significance and is the favorite of researchers to understand the consequences.

The force of fear has to be always used potentially to extract positive energy otherwise it can lead to a doom. The more one is afraid of losing one’s partner, the more is the chance for the same to happen. Similarly anxiety often creates depression in men. It is a must to get those from blues.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) affects one and leads to chronic problems. Anxiety and depression are dangerous enough to prove fatal and can even be a reason for the cause of cardiovascular problems. Anxiety and depression are considered to be belonging to the same family. Other severe anxiety disorder includes the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Perhaps this is the reason why we hardly witness people who are energetic and enthusiastic suffering from any health problems.

However one can overcome this with the intake of oral anti-impotence medications like Viagra and other variations of it which have Sildenafil Citrate in them as the active chemical. However they work only with self- desire. Also anti-depressants are consumed by some.

Stay Happy, Stay healthy

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Anxiety can prove to be threatening and affect your masculinity. The anti-impotence pills can prove to be a life-savior. One can consume generic medications like Generic Viagra and Kamagra Jelly.