Anxiety disorders are a group of brain disorders or disorders that have been identified as an essential and central symptom of 'anxiety or panic.' Although anxiety is a common experience and not everyone who has had, it is necessarily suffering from anxiety or panic disorder.
Approximately 28 million people suffer from anxiety disorders each year. These complications are a severe problem for society as a whole because it affects the patient's work, education, and family life.
One of the major causes of these diseases is the excessive consumption of alcohol and drug abuse—a load of work in the office. There are people's attitudes and domestic problems.
Brain disorders caused by the intensity of fear and anxiety, with or without intense fear in the open.
Fear is a psychological behavior found in humans and animals that arises in mind due to awareness of danger. Phobia is also a type of fear that is conditioned by the environment or action in a place, such as fear of water - fear of falling from a high place - fear of closed space and fear of darkness. Still, there are some fears that We find social factors in superstitions, such as the fear of failing to consider a day or date as good or bad or ominous.
Fear of losing one's happiness due to which one cannot enjoy even the happiest moments of one's life. Fear of not being able to spend time happily and will suffer any trauma or tragedy. Fear of anticipated situations causes a person to panic while reasonably doing any work, which affects his healthy life. Some phobias are related to activities or phenomena in which there is some danger.
For example (boarding an airplane, high altitude or driving) and many harmless animals or other things. Social phobia includes the fear of being insulted, the fear of being examined, or the fear of being judged, and it is in itself a fear that the patient is afraid to do something in the presence of others.
No fear is good or bad, but decisions made in this fear are good or bad. Only those who understand the root cause of anxiety and make their own decisions can get out of this unknown fear if the purpose of fear is ignorance. So awareness of this can help overcome fear. If one is afraid to make a decision based on many superstitions and speculations, then, of course, real knowledge about these speculations can save you from this fear.

Sometimes the support of people around you and your circle of friends and encouragement to do something over and over again is also helpful in overcoming fear. Such as if someone is afraid of water and is afraid to bathe in the river. Of course, he will never be able to do it alone, but when his friends are with him, he will do that.

Sometimes you do something, but you fail, and you get so scared that you are not ready to do it again. In that case, you should not give up because of fear. Bringing your thinking to the forefront before the test and taking a real look at all the factors that led to failure the first time can help overcome the fear of failure again.
Fear of any kind, whatever its causes, if it exceeds the limit, can affect the healthy life of the individual, so such people are in dire need of cooperation and about their fears from close and trusted people.
Concealing fear could only be devastating to a person's healthy life, but can sometimes have serious consequences. If you are afraid to share your concerns with nearby ones, you should seek help from a psychologist.

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