Not only can you expect to live longer, you'll also probably enjoy better health throughout that longer life. Part of that better health lies in maintaining good orthopedic fitness; staying active is vital to your overall health. Advances in orthopedic procedures such as knee replacement, hip replacement and shoulder surgery preserve your freedom of movement for a lifetime. Whether all that stands between you and recapturing the mobility you once had is a minimally invasive surgery or full joint replacement, the expert staff at West Idaho Orthopedics can help. A Caldwell Idaho orthopedic surgeon can help you reclaim your freedom with a knee resurfacing or joint replacement.

Sports medicine may conjure images of professional athletes dealing with fracture care after an injury on the field, but the same physiological principles that let the pros get back to running past defenders also help you return to kneeling in your garden or walking the dog. In fact, those who lead an active lifestyle are often those who can benefit the most from seeing specialists in sports medicine. Pain and stiffness that presages later orthopedic concerns can begin as early as the 30s for some people, so listen to your body and seek orthopedic advice today.

West Idaho Orthopedics takes a nuanced approach to treatment that takes all aspects of your care into account. Your hip discomfort could require a lifestyle change, physical therapy or minimally invasive surgery such as hip resurfacing, but you'll achieve the best results with a combination of treatments.

*Lifestyle can contribute to orthopedic dysfunction, so changes can have a dramatic effect on your comfort and mobility. High-impact exercise may take its toll on joints, but West Idaho Orthopedics can recommend changes that leave you fit without harming delicate structures and necessitating later foot surgery or knee surgery such as knee resurfacing. If you carry excess weight, losing a single pound takes many pounds of pressure off your joints.
*Bracing, either off-the-rack or with custom orthotics, can provide stability to injured knees as they heal. A properly fitted brace can also help protect your joints during exercise or after knee surgery.
*Physical therapy gives you an active role in healing yourself after an injury or during recovery from surgery. With a physical therapy regimen tailored to your needs, you'll gain greater mobility and strength. You may find relief from carpal tunnel pain through therapy alone.
*Injections serve two purposes in orthopedic practice, depending upon what the medicine contains. Cortisone or steroidal injections act as powerful anti-inflammatory agents delivered directly to the site of the pain, while hyaluronan injections replace the natural lubrication for arthritic joints. Both of these simple in-office procedures can reduce pain rapidly.
*Surgical intervention ranges from minimally invasive procedures such as hip resurfacing to full joint reconstructions and hip replacement. More delicate procedures such as foot surgery and hand surgery related to carpal tunnel disorders can reduce pain and restore significant fine motor control. When carpal pain continues, a minimally invasive hand surgery can restore your comfort.

Hip and knee replacement surgery, lifestyle changes, physical therapy and site injections to reduce inflammation battle an orthopedic concern on multiple fronts. One technique in joint replacement surgery Dr. George Nicola employs is the "quad-sparing" procedure. Because major muscle groups are moved, not incised, during surgery, recovery times are shorter and more comfortable thanks to the joint replacement surgery Dr. George Nicola performs.

All of WIO's board-certified orthopedists are committed to bringing you compassionate, comprehensive care. When looking for a Meridian Idaho orthopedic doctor or a Boise Idaho orthopedic surgeon, choose specialists who bring both caring and expertise to every consultation. Get to know your orthopedist:

Dr. Charles Schneider
Dr. Michael Shevlin
Dr. Robert Hansen
Dr. John Smith
Dr. George Nicola

Dr. Charles Schneider, Dr. Michael Shevlin, Dr. Robert Hansen, Dr. John Smith and Dr. George Nicola are affiliated with hospital facilities throughout the greater Boise area including West Valley Medical Center, St.Luke’s Regional Medical Center and Walter Knox Memorial Hospital.

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