Reiki is an ancient art of healing rediscovered by a Japanese monk in the 1920s called Dr. Mikao Usiu. He was also a scholar in the fields of religion, spirituality, medicine, and psychology. When meditating at the peak of Mount Kurama, he found the ancient healing system and he was able to heal people with its practice. He went on to train others and Reiki practitioners began to spread around the world including finding Reiki healing, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere.

In many countries, there are practitioners with Reiki clinics and masters offering their healing touch, from which anyone can benefit from a number of ailments. It has a lot more acceptance and interest in recent years as more people look for alternative treatment options and are more open-minded to what is out there. While the modern Reiki session, Abu Dhabi and beyond is quite different from that ancient practice, they steal use the same Reiki healing energy.

Reiki is a great way to lead to relaxation and to release stress and is also a holistic form of alternative treatment by some. It is about using energy to bring harmony and balance between a person's spirit, mind, and body. Whether your issues are physical, spiritual or emotional, a Reiki session Abu Dhabi and anywhere else it is practiced, can help.

There is a growing trend of people looking for some natural healing processes to follow. This should not be a replacement of traditional medicine, one should not be ignoring a doctor about a condition. But it can be used along with it to bring the harmonious benefits and indeed more hospitals and clinics are discussing such holistic healing systems with their patients. In some places, some medical professionals go as far as training in this natural healing practice to use it alongside other means.

If you want to find a clinic that undertakes Reiki healing Abu Dhabi, do an online search, or ask in online forums dedicated to this healing system. Beyond looking at dealing with specific physical ailments from sessions you can get;

  • Stress reduction
  • Help in dealing with shocking news including recent physical health concerns
  • Relaxing the mind to move in a meditative state
  • Sleeping better
  • Feeling less anxious
  • Help with managing nerves
  • Children and babies respond a lot better as they do not have a mental block so it can be one option for colicky babies for example, or for children stressed out by exams
  • Elderly people feel energized and connected once more
  • People with faith feel a closer connection with their God, and spiritual people feel a closer connection to everything

There are many more advantages and benefits to attending Reiki healing sessions. All that is really needed is an open mind, heart, and spirit!

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